Pics of project 400rwhp N/A stock block 331

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  1. Any way we can get you to post those cam specs.

    Those pictures won't cut it for MM&FF. Getting into a magazine is all about picture quality. You see non spectacular cars in there all the time, because the picture quality is good.

  2. You guys must not look at post dates :rlaugh:
  3. The post date was noted..dont you think after a year he should have some track times, roll races with z06's or something :rolleyes:

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    good luck
  5. People come and go. I used to post here a long time ago, and then stopped posting here for like 5 years.

  6. Yeah, thats what I was trying to imply. Hopefully he hasnt sold the car by now
  7. That doesnt take away the knowledge he has learned:shrug:
  8. Hey sorry for keeping you guys hanging. Someone sent me a PM on another site I go to asking for me to update this thread.

    Since the 456rwhp I had taken out that camshaft and changed the upper intake. It was far too radical for the street and got horrible gas mileage! Now I'm rocking a XE274HR camshaft and a regular R series intake. Everything on the car is out of the box stock other than gasket matching the intake to the heads (something anyone with knowledge should do). I've got a few videos and pics of the new combination.










    The car now makes 418rwhp and 393rwtq. It has 4.10 gears in the rear and I kid you not, I get around 23mpg or better. Recently I have been focusing on taking weight out of the car and working on the suspension. I have road race suspension on it since I had the 18"s on and I've taken a 180* turn now and I am going to drag type setup (while still keeping it daily driver friendly). No sadly I have not gotten the car to the track yet so I can't say what it will run. I do have a couple videos though...

    I don't know how to put the videos together as one so you will have to just watch them all. :nonono: Sorry

    Was kinda spirt of the moment thing. The road I was pulling out on was CRAZY busy so I finally just had to pick a opening enough in the traffic to give it a go. So I pulled out and did a quick 2nd gear rolling burnout....

    YouTube - 2nd gear quick burnout before 331 pull

    Then gave it a punch in 1st. About 5mph to 113mph. Also note the road goes uphill alot, so it kinda killed the acceleration but might have helped traction problems. Tires are 275/50/15 Nitto Drag Radials in the rear...

    YouTube - N/A 331 stroker 5-113mph

    And this is just cruising showing you guys how amazingly tame this motor is. ALMOST as tame as stock...

    YouTube - cruising.mpg
  9. Here is the current dyno sheet...


    Right now I shift the car around 6,500rpms

    Here you can see both the before and after dyno numbers. Blue lines are before and red lines are current.


    As you can see the top end was hurt but the new combination put down more power before 4,300rpms. So I gained driveability, gas mileage, and torque by giving up right at 40rwhp......I can live with that.

    Next to the motor is going to be this...

    1)Get rid of the 1" intake spacer
    2)Replace 90* intake elbow with 45* for a more straight shot into intake
    3)CAI goes straight into the fender then get new inner fenders cut to seal the intake in the fender
    4)Replace the H pipe with an X pipe (been talking to a pure street guy about this)
    5)Replace the 1.6RRs with 1.7RRs to get more out of the cam
    6)Go with an electric waterpump
    7)Port the intake

    The goals I have in my mind for this H/C/I setup is 440rwhp or possibly more. And if need I will rev the motor to 7,000rpms. My overall goal for the car is to get it to run 10.9 in the 1/4th mile. You guys might not think this is a large goal but keep in mind this is a 100% daily driver for me. I get in it and go to work everyday in it so I have to have something that gets good gas mileage and is a pleasure to drive on the road.

    So far so good....
  10. Still nice numbers.:nice: What are numbers if the car isnt street able to the point where you want to drive it:shrug:

    Ive heard great things about the cam you switched too. Nice tame cam that can lay down some power.

    Aulma stars?

    What rim and tire/ spacing out back?

    im considering going 325's out back if i can fit them... i love the look of tires with some sidewall...
  11. What is the pro street guy telling you about the xpipe?

    I had a long conversation with George Klass (accufab header division) and he said xpipes wont make more power than an H.

    Ofcourse this probably gets into the design of each pipe since every pipe is made differently.
  12. When making a midpipe alot can go wrong so its alot like a whole combination. Think it through and make a good choice on how to build it and you will make power. Do it wrong and you could cost power. Here is one of the chats we had together...

    I dont want to post to much of my info because I do race heads heads up in Pure street and dont want to give my competitors to much info .
    I dont have any pictures of mine but it looks similar to the one in the pict. I do not claim to be an expert but I can tell you the facts on my own testing . I tried to keep the bends to a minimum . The pipe bent going into the x on mine is a 15 degree bend which is less than most . I tried to look at it as more like the 2 sides kind of merge into each other. I used my own judgement on the area of the center of the merge ( or x ) . If you look at the burns stainless website , it looks similar to theres . I only posted this info because the other guy on there is saying this setup is bad and he has never tried it . You dont know whats best for any combo until you try it . The x-pipe or h pipe can both be made different ways and one car might like one and another car the other . The h-pipe can also change power depending where the h is and what size crossover pipe is used .

    I can also say that on my combo the x-pipe wanted to be a little leaner than the h-pipe . What this tells me is on my car I made more power and used less fuel which meant that the x-pipe was more effieient than the x-pipe .

    The best advise I can give you is to just try it and see if it works for your combo . I hope this hepls you a little .

    I've always liked the high pitched sound the X pipe gives so I've always wanted one. I think I might go to some Bassani mufflers too over these Ultra Flos.
  13. sweet. good stuff to read.

    Have you ever seen a cutaway of a bassani muffler? I had one shop swear dynomax and bassani were similar.
  14. I know they are. I just think the Bassani have a better tone to them. IDK, I just think my exhaust has no sound to it. I've been told my car doesn't sound like a 5.0

    I'd actually like to try a set of electric cutouts but I got to thinking and I already have dual 3" exhaust with straight through mufflers so how much would I actually gain by cutouts? Probably not alot..
  15. Most 5.0s are 300rwhp and less lol. Stuff starts to change a lot when u become one of the big boys.

    Tail pipes might help give it some tone. I've heard ultraflows on 5.0s....and they still sound like the classic 5.0 sound.

    How about some spintech prostreets? Probably too loud at your power level.
  16. Absolutely no to tail pipes. I don't want the weight and restriction that comes with them. Not to mention my car is too low for it and I plan to lower it more soon. And I personally hate the sound of spintech mufflers.
  17. Too low for tail pipes? First time i've heard that.

    Dont think i've ever heard bassani mufflers dumped...I hope their tone still comes through.
  18. The tail pipes hump over the axle tubes. I would have to run 3" tail pipes and when I launch and the car squats in the rear.... *crunch*

    That is if you could get tail pipes in there to begin with.
  19. What was the original cam you had in the car when you made 457rwhp. Looking good. I'm finally getting around to dialing in my 347 and I'm trying to collect some camshaft info. I don't think I'll get numbers like that, because I'm simply not willing to rev it that high.

  20. makes sense.