Pics of project 400rwhp N/A stock block 331

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  1. Depends on what you want. I know for me, the N91 drove like **** on the street and got me HORRIBLE gas mileage. But then we found out that my fuel pressure wasn't set correctly before they tuned it so that might have caused some of the issues. :shrug: The AFM cams make some power but if you look at them they are very basic designs.

    After putting in this XE274HR I am a huge fan of the Xtreme Energy cams from COMP. What I would like to do is call a custom cam designer (maybe cam motion) and give them the specs for the 274 or 282 and see if they can keep it close but make it alittle more streetable while making the cam more aggressive. I know someone had Ed I believe do that exact thing with the 274 cam. Not sure what his specs ended up being though.

    OR if I were you I would seriously look into a solid roller cam. Put a set of stud girdles on the RRs and you won't have to adjust the valves much at all.
  2. Selling the car for $5,000 to get it out of my way. If anyone is interested see this thread for details

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  3. ...or we could just create our own classified ad, or at the very least a hot link in our signature.