pics of reef blue stangs

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  1. im looking at getting one and was wondering how many others have them. i heard their kind of rare?
  2. if i get a hatchback. i would like to have a reef blue one... i think they look great with chrome cobras.
  3. 4bzt746.jpg

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  4. Here is my old 93

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  5. Jeff you better post up your notch! :nice:

    Even though Calipso Green isn't Reef Blue.
  6. I wonder where you got that idea from... :D

  7. This is back when I first bought mine.All stock:D
    Oh A different looking color:p
    I would have put some more but I can't get imgshack to work anymore.
  8. Here my reef blue stang!:


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  9. i love the color,the one im looking at has 80000 miles on it and its got gray leather. its a hatchback too,i would rather have a coupe but its a good deal. keep em coming. good looking cars everyone
  10. Exactly how mine was when I baught it. 80k miles or so, stock, hatch, 93 reef blue. I just wish it was 5spd instead of AOD, I might still have it if it was.
  11. Picture301.jpg

    I want it:hail2:

    I am looking at buying a coupe right now

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  12. I know one guy who are selling his '93 Reef blue stang coupe 5.0L in my home area. Understand his stang comes with grey interior and 5 speed. His car got only about 123,000 Kms.

    I do have some pictures of his stang.

    But too bad you lived in Ontario and its too expensive to ship from BC to Ontario. :nonono:
  13. Good shots of the paint and how it can look different under angles




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  15. 245/45/ZR17 Fronts

    And just in case...275/40/ZR17 Rears
  16. gotta love the color




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  17. P1110025.jpg

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  18. Here some newer pics of mine.





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  19. I am still amazed on how clean you keep your engne bay. Beautiful car!

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