Pics of Shelby stripes on a grey GT

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  1. I'm thinking about putting "Shelby" type dual black stripes on my Dark Shadow Grey GT. Has anyone out there done pics please.
  2. That'd be pretty awesome, dude!

    Either or get a lighter shade (closer to silver).

    Almost like ghost stripes.

    Hell yea man!

    (Post a pic of your car and I'm sure someone can photo-chop it ... I might have one of your car in reserve somewhere).
  3. Post this up in the SVT forum, because I know there is a person with a new cobra that redid a modern eleanor type car. It looked pretty good. Do a search on eleanor, Im sure you'll find something.
  4. I think that would look cool on your car. :nice:
  5. I was thinking a gloss black ala "Eleanore," but a silver-grey would be pretty cool too. I tried to post a pic, but I keep a file to big message. I've got a bunch of photos posted in my JetBrett's 03 GT gallery on if that would help.

    Thanks for the link TwoGT, those are the stripes. I'm just trying to figure out if I'll dig the color. I'll check the SVT forum too. Thanks.
  6. Very cool dude!!
  7. If it makes you happy go for it, but from my personal taste, i'd leave the car alone. Its never going to be a 67 shelby, nor look or sound like it. Our cars are modern.

    This is not meant to be a flame, but just trying to throw out an honest opinion.
  8. there ya go , got more pics on my site

  9. Hey Brett, that would look pretty good!
    Here is a pic of your car: (if you have any other ones email them to me so I can update the website.)
  10. I say go for the Elaenor look
  11. Some pics of my friend's KB'ed GT

  12. This is not anywhere near tech. PLEASE keep all requests for pics in the talk section.
  13. Ive always wondered what black stripes would look like on my min grey GT as well...hell my dad was even going to pay for them to get painted on at one point but I wasnt sure how it would look.
  14. I think black shelby stripes on a dark grey mustang look great. I tried striping mine but never made it past the hood because I have that dang reverse scoop style hood! My car is one the the unfortunate late model '04 gt mustangs which ford stuck on a 00 cobra reverse scoop hood because they ran out of the other ones.
  15. Go for it, I think it would look bad azz. I was thinking about doing the same except with the boss decals.
  16. Oh... some good advice for you when installing these stripes on your car. USE A HAIR DRYER! I had the best luck when using a spray bottle filled with water and a couple drops of dishwashing detergent. Once you get the stripes in place it helps to use a hairdryer to mold them over the mold of your hood. It also helps the stripes adhere faster and better and helps get the air bubbles out.