Pics of some vintage Mickey Thompson valve covers i restored

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  1. These are some old Mickey Thompson valve covers that i restored for a friend of mine. I also did a set of the same covers for a Chevy for another friend but i can't find the pics of them. The paint is Rustoleum Textured paint, and i used a palm sander to sand down the tops and give them a really cool machined look (that unfortunately you can't see in the pic).


    We also found an old Ford aluminum breather lid that has the bars going down the middle similar to the Powered By Ford valve covers that i'm painting up to match. I'll post a pic when it's finished.

    Pretty cool huh? The Chevy covers are really sweet looking too and they're on the engine so i'll have to get pics of that next time i see him.
  2. Those look really sick..... I have a set of old 80's "powered by Ford" valve covers that i have always wanted to use, but im not sure if they will work. I think they are from a early 80's Capri???
  3. Looks real good man!

    I did the exact same thing when I put my 351w together. Some Chevy guy had an old Ford pickup sitting in his pasture and told me to take whatever I wanted. So I took the M/T valve covers off of it, spent a couple hours with some heavy degreaser, about an hour or so in a sandblasting cabinet. Then I painted them black, and sanded the tops with fine paper.
    Looks exactly like what you've done. Nothing looks better than black w/ polished fins IMO.
  4. I've also done the same thing to the Powered By Ford covers, i just don't have pics of them yet.