Pics of Stangs with Racing Stipes

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  1. My hood dosen't have the scoop so do you think that if i went with 10-inch all the way to the back it would look good?
  2. project eleanor is absolutly geniues and sexy as hell!!!!
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  4. ahh!! ive had this since i was a member! ive never seen you post before! i thougth i was the only one that hated GM that bad!! lol
  5. Should look good depending on the gap between the stripes. Plus were they end up with the 3rd brake light and the inside were the L.I.C plate is.

    I will say vinyl is a PITA and wider you go the more of a PITA they end up.
    Paint to me for Le Mans stripes that are wide are the only way to go. Only place I would think about vinyl is the side stripes.

    That guys Cobra looks good. But I don’t like his stripes for an Eleanor look.
    I thought about putting G.T 500 on the side of my car. But would only do it if Shelby signed my car. I am thinking of putting G.T 281R on the side though still not sure yet.
  6. eh- half stripes- vinyl, and they looked damn good- just throw a lil zaino tire shine on em- [​IMG]
  7. this is what i was lookin at. Id post the pics but don't know how! so here is the link.. click hyre
  8. Looking at that it would be a real PITA to do.
    I don’t know who the heck made the molds for our cars but almost nothing is centered right. The T on the bumper isn’t centered right. And the 3rd brake light is off to one side more. If you look at his pick of the car done. From the picture it looks like one side of the stripe is more to one side then the other. Being that they are so close to the 3rd brake light you will notice it more.

    With that vinyl you are working with Strait 10inch wide stripes going on a convex shape Its hard to get the lines going strait. Even the trunk on our cars is not flat.
  9. Ok when I first got my car 2 years ago I hard 2 eight inch stripes going from the frony bumper to the back rear. It looked good IMO I tried to do it myself for $40 I bought stripes. It's damn near impossible to do yourself if you have never done it. I paid $350 and let my Dads buddy that owns a graphics company. It took him 4 hours to do it. It looked incredible when he was done. Since then I have added a 00 Cobra R hood, S351 Rear Valence and tomorrow a 00 Cobra R Wing and then I prolly a 00 Cobra R front bumper. Here's some pics of it after the bumper and hood. Also once I get done puttin all this stuff on I will have it re-stripped again, I mean come on how good will a 00 Cobra R hood look w/2 big white race stripes going trough the vents lol? Here's some pics of my project :)
  10. Front shot after hood was painted, I know it looks dull I couldnt wax it for like a month. Longest month of my life. I'm gonna take some more shots tomorrow with my camera if anyone wants more pics they just let me know and I will e-mail them to you. I left out in the above that they are 3M Vinyl Stripes and noone knew they were vinyl they are paper thin and look just like paint and you also have the option to remove them if you sell your car which is good. Comments on the car, Thanks.
  11. Stripes that aren't painted on look like ass, eh?

    all the Roush stripes are vinyl, and they are the best looking stripes I think I've ever seen...

    Ive considered going with White stripes on my 03 Cobra..

    my old 360R
  12. You can't go wrong with Bob White decals - he is the pro in the vinyl business.
  13. The Roush style stripes look okay, but I prefer the old style "SS" type stripes:

    Scroll down to the white GT vert with black stripes. That be mine!

    -- Dennis

    edit: Stripes were purchased from Bob White decals. I put the stripes on myself this Fall.
  14. we'll have to agree to disagree.. the fact that they cut off so short just makes them unattractive in my eyes.

    With the Roush, there is just enough stripe... ah well..
  15. I don't disagree with you at all. It is just a matter of personal preference. I like the Roush stripes and I almost went that route, but I guess I felt sentimental toward my first race car... 1969 Chevelle SS. The hood stripes are the stripes that the old muscle cars had.
  16. i'm not into the stripes, but this one is bad A$$