pics of wheel spacers on gt

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  1. Looks good man. Are those Sumitomo HTR II's? How are they?

    Off-topic but I always felt bad for you NH bastids that have to have a front and rear license plate.
  2. yes they are sumitomoostoimos :rlaugh: and i love them, they seem to spin much easier not sure if its just me. they leave a hell of a tread pattern in black.:nice: :nice: and yeah the front plate crap sucks, no way around it..:mad: :mad: :mad: off topic again, did you get the wheels..???
  3. I havent made an offer to that guy yet. Im thinking $800, $900 tops. I ask about the Sumi's bc if I dont get this kids rims/tires, I'll just have to get the Sumi's from

    Thanks man
  4. :nice:
  5. Thats exactly what I want to do as I am running 255/45's on 17x9 cobra r
    wheels. Looks killer, where did you get those spacers from. Also does your
    handling seem different? By the way, nice camera work with the off camber
    angles. :hail2:
  6. looks badass man!

  7. thanks mang, got the spacers off ebay. they are excellent quality, and fit is perfect have not noticed any big change, but did not expect any.?:nice:
  8. Looks fire. :nice:

    ...on a side note, your pics swayed me to get my FR500's. :cheers:
  9. :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign: :cheers: :cheers:

    thats why this is the best mustang site....^^^^^^^

  10. by the way the whole black look, chin spoiler, wheels...looks insane!!!!:nice: :nice:
  11. Hey i see you are from NH. You go to New England Drag Way often
  12. Hey, I really am thinking of getting some spacers now, especially at that price.
    Can you take a picture from like the ground from the back, maybe a before and after?

    Thanks, your car looks great!

  13. should be there this well as jtb19nh and his 95 gt:flag:
  14. Looks good man!.. You have any pics from straight behind the rear bumper? :D
  15. yeah! get a couple ass shots
  16. I'm going to put some 1" spacers on the back of mine tomorrow. I'll take some pics.
  17. I think I am going to get these same spacers..I hate to spend money on my car that doesnt make it go faster, but cams are soo much :(