Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. Agreed! That's a wheel. I could get used too! Where'd u get em?
  2. thanks! I bought them from a guy over on the corral from an SN95... I was going to get a set of CCW classics.. but came across these with the correct offsets i needed. They were black, i stripped and repowdered them gunmetal. Going to keep them for a while but planning a mini-tub sometime in the future and will probably end up with something slightly different, but along the same lines.

    69clark.... im really loving your car! Its different and it really updates the 79 Pace car look. My friends got a pace car but the combo you have is wild!
    What brakes do you have on that? Im looking at upgrading my baers to the new T6's and ss4's....

  3. Ok, I've decided... :D the more I look at this car the more I like it. That wheel combo TOTALLY changes the look and feel and I can't recall ever seeing anything like it in a Fox. Seriously... this has become my new windows background. You got a writeup on that build Clark???

  4. this car was on ebay and sold to somone in ny? if so the car now has svo heads on it and is tearing ass around si. so clean
  5. looks sweet dude :nice:
  6. Thanks! The tails are stock 79 tails but tinted black.

    Thanks man, always been a fan of your car and now those wheels are perfect. The brakes on the pace car are 14" alcons up font and 12" wilwoods in the rear.
  7. pics of my heap on the old 4-lug Cobra R's




    Now on Tri-bars after the 5-lug swap:



  8. Some beautiful cars in this thread. Here's mine with Saleens (18x9/10) and BBS RKs (18x8.5/10).


  9. Wow. I love both of those sets of wheels on your car, tunedin. I'd love to have a set of RK's for mine
  10. My Junkyard Jewel

    These are Greg Weld Motorsport Racelites. Got them on sale at Summit when the company went out of business. It's a budget street/strip in progress.

    Here are some pictures of them on my Junkyard find. Bought it from the guy who owns a local Pull-a-part. Found it on one of my junkyard runs. Don't laugh too hard. Car has sat for Seven years.

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  11. I love the look of tri-bars on a fox. Thought about putting mine on the '86 just to see, but I dont think it will look as good as they do on an aero GT.
  12. The tri bars have really grown on me. I used them at first because I scored them for $80 and they clear my Lincoln front rotors, and they would hold me over until I got a set of 94-97 cobras, but now that I have the cobra wheels and the tri bars, I think I like the tri bars better.
    I don't think I've ever seen a set on a 4 eye but I bet they wouldn't look too bad.
  13. couple different setups i've had:

    tri-bars right after 5lug conversion (tri-bars are for sale fyi):


    currently with '98 GT's and finally lowered some:


  14. Nice find. That paint just needs some polish and wax. You'd be surprised how that old paint can turn out. Throw some fresh silver on the lowers. Worth a try IMO.
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  15. TirBars look great on foxbodys
  16. Ya know I was just thinking the same thing. I think they would look even better if you turn them into 93' Cobra R wheels.