Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. mine with 93 cobra replicas.

  2. 18" ROH black ice finish RT wheel




  3. And you didn't even notice that I mentioned your car earlier in the thread???

  4. :neat: hehe Got hi-res? Is there a second shot with 25thmustang's car in the foreground? (New desktop pending)
  5. Not sure if we have anymore pics like that, I didn't take them. They were taken at a gas station in South Carolina too! Was a badass setting, and we stopped to get some food and drink before the 850 mile drive home :D.
  6. my bad bri, i was just breezing through the thread at work and figured id throw some pics up. thanks for the mention :nice:
  7. Yeah, I laughed that you posted on the thread I mentioned you, but didn't realize it!

    When you driving that turd down our way?
  8. umm trying to get it on a lift to hopefully work out a couple issues and then ill be down.
  9. Nice nice, Idk when mines coming out, but hopefully April!
  10. this summer is gonna be the man i cant wait to cruise with you guys
  11. Yeah, that is a great setting.
  12. dang i usually dont like bullits but they look good on that car. :nice:
  13. good lookin car man!
  14. Haven't seen any 03 Cobras yet, these are 18's

  15. these must of been taken at diffrent times? 25th's car is missing the fuel door in the one pic! but still hands down i feel 25th's is one of the nice cars on stangnet! man i would like to see other pics of you car:drool:! if i hit the lottery your car will be mine by the way 25th! email me some [email protected]. peace

  16. Are those 17 or 18 inch rims? I'm considering getting the same rims for mine.
  17. you guys that are runnig 18" Rims, what width are you running, and did you have to do any mods. to get them to fit?
  18. View attachment 269088

    Here are some of the main things..Dart block(forged internals),Trickflow Track Heat Heads,8:9,Diamond pistons,t-76 turbo(Hellion),84 injectors(precision),Weldon pump(2025-a),Aeromotive sump tank. I will be going for a race gas tune soon and a lot more boost:rock: