Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. mustang week? glad to see more people from up here drove the distance... i dont remember seeing your car though.... or else i would have many pics...
  2. thanks, looks awesome :nice:
  3. :jaw:
  4. Matador91, youve got to post more pics of that beautiful lx hatch. WOW stunning.
  5. Yes they were taken at much different times. In the pic with no fuel door the car was nowhere near done! Here are some more from the same time...


    I wasn't there this past year (2008) but the car and I were there in 2007. I had a new job this year and didn't have the time off. Should be there come July though :D.
  6. did you do what it looks like you did:mad:? shame on you:mad:! peace

  7. hands down! your car is my favorite car on here fox body,s/n95 any of them! IDK maybe it's the color scheme? man it's nice!and solid mid 12sec car with basically no mods! what are the colors of it? peace

  8. hell of a nice coupe also! underhood pics? peace

  9. Thanks, I caught a lot of flack before I ever painted it about going with brown and black. But in the end I have only had one or two people dislike it.

    The colors are Nissan "Bronze Gold Metallic" and Mercedes "Black" with a red (idk, just red I guess) pinstripe. The front bumper needs to be repainted as I drive it too damn much.

    Yeah I actually enjoy racing and driving it more than waxing and cleaning it.

  10. i dont want my idea stolen either, so im not posting a pic. :D:D:rlaugh:
  11. thanks - this is the only pic i have access to at the moment.

  12. looks good! but i see no twins tho? peace

  13. thats the point. :D If you between the mass air meter and the upper rad hose, you can see a little of the gold waste gate. The Incon kit locates the turbos low on the sides of the block out of the way, and almost out of site.
  14. What's the point of hiding them if you just told everyone in your area what you got :D
  15. everyone in my area knows :) because they are always behind me :rlaugh:
  16. It's not hiding them, it's putting them where they work best.:nice: PurPony has one of the nicest foxes in the world.
  17. I'm just messing with him. He lives nearby. He was suggesting that they're hidden.
  18. Oh, if he is local to you then do me a favor. Go steal his car and ship it to me, I'll give you a good cut for doing it for me.:p