Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. those look good but some silver 18" saleens would look ****en
  2. Yeah, that notch gave me a chubbie also.

  3. Yeah it looks great, that's the best I've seen those wheels look on a car.:nice:

    I also LOVE black cars and know from experience that they are a PIA to keep clean and scratch free. And since I use to paint cars for a living it's hard for me to decide on keeping mine white or go for the black!:shrug:

    Keep'em coming guys!
  4. Here's Mine, i started this thread and never put a pic on of what i went with ha.

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  5. Nice Rims! Ha..
  6. This car has me torn, haha. Everyone on here should hate your car, honestly... one piece headlights, mesh grille the likes of which i've never seen, and those wheels... but I gotta say, for some strange reason it pulls it all off regardless of whether I care for the look or not. Nice car, man.
  7. I love the look of when you have the same wheels in the front and rear, except the rear have the lip because they are wider, that looks mean as hell. I love the bullet wheels with the pollished lip in the back.
  8. Here is my GT, Steeda Ultra-lites 17 x 9 255/40/17 all around.
    I hate having 17 x 9 up front also

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  9. why do you hate having 17x9 up front?
  10. :stupid:
  11. Getting ready ready to buy another mustang and finally decided on a 65-69. After looking at the pics of your stangs I'm seriously thinking about getting an 87-93. Nice stangs, keep up the great work.
  12. Moosetang004.jpg
    Cobra's. Then everyone started doing it. I kept them, but here's the new rizzims...
  13. Hey guys...

    I'm doing a budget 5 lug swap using latermodelrestoration's budget 5 lug swap kit.

    Will the 1998 GT rims fit on my 93 Fox with the 5 lug swap?

    Here's a picture of the rims I want to buy....

    1998 Ford Mustang GT tires and rims

    Thanks guys.
  14. My '89 on 18" ROH

  15. I have always been a fan of classic Weld Draglites

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  16. centerline auto drags. they were satin, after a lot of mothers they got pretty shiny.
  17. not sure how this post got by me..but here it is..
















  18. Those new rims are NICE!!!:drool:

    And where did you get that hood????

    That's exactly what I've been looking for! Do you have any more pics of it?

    I'm also liking the draglites for a four lug with not alot of options out there.
  19. Agreed. Very clean. The chrome/polished finish looks great on those wheels.