Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. Unfortunately not. Only the wheels listed in the description of the kit are known good factory wheel fitment.

    95 Cobra R Wheel
    94-95 17" GT Wheel
    94-98 16" Waffle Star Wheel
    94-97 Cobra Wheel
    94-04 15" V6 Wheel
    94-04 16" V6 Wheel
  2. not really rims but was a free set of wheels so i used them :)


  3. Mine 17X8 ft 17X9 rr.




  4. what headlights are these and where did you get them? peace

  5. heres my new ride 99 OEM cobras gotta swap those for something diffrent!
    i want these in 17x9 and 17x10
    so if anyone has some of these in this size and wants to trade for OEM 99 cobras :D peace

  6. you mean these wheels? :D



    i need some new pictures...:rolleyes:
  7. could you tell me more specifics about your rims? since you've had you fenders pulled like mine i figure your rims are probably about similar offset and backspacing to mine and damn i want silver saleens somethin fierce
  8. Shaolin, i purchased these wheels from cj pony parts (awesome customer service) They come in chrome, poilished alum, mystichrome, and black. My wheels are 18x9 @ all 4 corners. bs=5.95, 24mm offset, 5 lug. I wish they made a 10 inch for the rears, but I don't think they do. I put 265/35/18 front, & 295/35/18 DR's in back. I simply called them and talked with a customer service guy who was really cool. they clear my 13"/10" rotors with no problems. I was surprised I was able to keep the quad shocks too. Give them a call....good people
  9. damn, no silver though? i really cant stand polished or chrome rims, and im not sure black would look very good on my car
  10. there might be silver, can't remember...been a few years. I just checked their website and they have a bunch of "image coming soon" on their wheels which always annoys me. But you can tell their customer service guys are stang nuts cause they didn't pull the classic "oh no those wheels won't fit a foxbody car" They did however make sure I was running 5 lug, asked about the brake upgrades etc...If I remember correctly these wheels on Saleens were not polished from the factory, even though these are replicas maybe they offer a painted wheel.
  11. yeah i want a set of silver ones something bad for my street tires i just dont see running R6's on the street as a safe bet
  12. wanna trade? :D oh wait your 4 lug huh? :mad:peace

  13. haha yeah i noticed that difference
  14. i think the cobra's looked better :shrug:, but! i want your car. how much?!
  15. Great looking cars guys. Here's mine, nothing special. 17x8 Saleen Replica's from Late Model Resto

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  16. What about aftermarket rims?

    4.5 inch backspacing is something I'm probably going to have to stick with... Nothing over 8 inches in width, right?
  17. Aftermarket 95 R's will fit. Those ROH wheels that look like Impala SS wheels fit as well. Welds fit; I'm sure there are more. 8" is safe in the front, although you can fit 9s with a little patience. 9" all day long in the back so long as your car isn't slammed.
  18. my newer wheels,

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