Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. I haven't seen any Borbet's in this thread so here are mine on my fox. they are 17" x 8.5" A-type's, with 235's up front and 275's out back...







    annnd yes its a converted Capri.... haters suck ma balls, and if you like it, then thanks i put alot of work into her to be the way i wanted.

  2. not hatin on the capri, but spray some fresh paint on it. other than that I think it looks good.
    there is also someone building a notch with capri fenders and rear panels and putting a 4v motor in over at corral. it looks pretty hawt
  3. Youre straight crazy! I think that is a gorgeous notch!!!
  4. Nice car and pictures man! I like the train shots too ! :nice:

  5. My Centerline


  6. American Racing Rebels......:leaving:
  7. veryclean2ro6.jpg

    More '99 Cobra wheels!

    /I wish it was always that clean
  8. Figured Id join the party - ROH ZR-6, 17"

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  9. As much as I love the look of my 99 Cobra rims...I really think my next set will be the 10th anniversary Cobra rims. They just look badass.
  10. 1997 Cobra wheels...but I plan on ditching them soon for Bullitt wheels.

    No i'm not missing any lugs...i just am running 3 lug nuts from my 10-hole days that are open style


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  11. [​IMG]

    Thanks Mike for the new desktop wallpaper. :nice:
  12. Mike, I think those wheels work. If you swap them for something else, don't join the "everybody get bullitt's" club.
  13. +1, but I know Mike already has 3 Bullitt wheels, IIRC.
  14. Thanks guys. They do look good, but i'm just ready for something new. These wheels have been on the car since 2001. I just need a new look.

    I LOVE bullitt style wheels. I had them on my 2003 GT and love them, so that's why I want to put them on. I know a lot of people run them, but to be honest, i'm one of the only Fox 5.0's in my area....and all the other ones I see are still 4-lug. So i'm not worried about doing what other people do.

    And yes, i just need ONE more wheel, but no curbing at all. I'm being picky!
  15. 90 gt on 17x8 w/ 235/45R17 and 17x9 w/ 275/40R17 Torque thrust II's

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  16. here are some black mesh and some deep dish for you the deep dont look right anymore after the rearend swap




  17. love those wheels, Soooooooooooooo god damn pissed, I missed a set of those for sale on craigslist for 50bucks, not $50 per wheel, which still would of been a great deal, $50 for the set!!!!!!!!! missed it by like 30 minutes.:nonono:
  18. You don't see these too often :rlaugh:
  19. Clean ass white hatch homey! :D