Pics of your stangs..

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  1. Never miss a photo op..


    ^^Imagine the rims without center caps and you have my car as it is today... :mad:

    ^^Also, put the stock corners on, cuz the old clear ones the rubber fell off...Cobra look! :p

    Now, stock engine time..
    Stock intake is back on...

    Notice how I am slowly returning my car to stock due to problems/thieves... :nice: haha
  2. Well I've posted them before a bunch of times, but anyways:





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  3. Here's my 96 Mystic

    Mystic is for sale. Listing is in the Stangnet Classifieds. For more info my email is [email protected]

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  4. This is the most recent pic of my car and its from last summer. I guess its ok since it still looks like this. I need to take some pics of the enigine since I finished it.
  5. hey jtkz13.. what kind and size of rims do you have on that thing man???.... thems nice!!!!
  6. American Racing Torq Thrust II's in chrome (custom order & backspacing)

    17x9.5 fronts with 275/40/17 17x11 rears with 315/35/17, front & back both Nitto 555's with the rears being dr's. :nice:
  7. [​IMG]

    That house in the background looks huge! Car looks good. :nice:
  8. Look'n Good evryone! :nice:
  9. its surprising to see how many majorly even moderately modded mustangs still have 4x4 springs on them, i think the lowering springs should come factory! LOL

  10. Well, if your like me I prefer the weight transfer I get with the stockers on there over a set of lowering springs. Plus, if I lower my car, it WILL NOT make it into my garage with the side skirts that are on my car now, plus my X pipe clamps rub my garage now too. So... no lowering springs for me for a while. When I do a full tubular K member I will do coil overs and set the stance as low as I can without it rubbing, or I'll put wood down on my side of the garage to drive up onto.
  11. Yeah, I prefer weight transfer too. So, I'm not in a rush to get lowering springs. As for looks, I'd love to have my car lowered, but I like function over looks.
  12. Here's my bucket :D
  13. Yeah my parents bought me that. It's a nice starter house I guess. :banana:
  14. here is a pic of me at the tree a couple weeks ago. BTW my car is the black mustang incase you guys didnt know.

  15. FYI yahoo is not a good place to host ur pics at. try and use to host ur pics.
  16. Never had a prob before- why is that?