Pics of your stangs..

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  1. something about the way they roll the url of the photos.
  2. Chris your car looks awesome with those coilover's man. :drool:
  3. Ok cool. I'll check it out- thankx
  4. when did a photo opportunity arrive. I really need to get some new pics of my car soon.


    PS I need to get rid of my TriBars, anybody have anything unique i can buy off them?
  5. Thanks wytstang.
  6. why does it every time I post a pic it only gives me the link?? I do the properies, left click, copy method and it never posts a pic? why? why? why?

    Some real nice looking rides all, I have always liked Eades blue one, and vib. red, and yellow always look god too.
  7. How about CHROME Tribars? :rolleyes: Never seen anyone else with them!

    I thought those were the bullets. :( Im upset now b/c I thought that's how they would look on my car...but theyre not bullets.

    BTW...can you tell me where you DID get them, and for How much?
  8. when you right click go to properies you copy the address then click on the INSERT IMAGE (under the size bar) a another menu pops up and just paste, then click o.k.. I hope I explained it right

  9. I get that alot. It kinda pisses me off because I had them before the Bullets were even out. :mad:

    I got them through Discount Tire about 2 years ago for ~ $1400. They now go for about $300-$400 more than that. They are special order chrome and take about 2 months to get. :notnice: I dont think I can really 100% suggest them because I have had a **** of a time keeping the aluminum lip stain free. :bs: My next set will be 100% chrome. (which is what the Bullets are) :bang:
  10. let me try this
    and this
    and this

  12. blksn955.o I see that you have the same wheels as I do. Do have have problems keeping the lip and the joint between the lip & spokes free of stains?
  13. The last pic shows how perfect the rear tire lines up with the rear quarter, I swear if I put a level on it, it'd be perfect.

    17x9 w/ 275x40x17 in front and 17x11 w/ 315x35x17 in rear I want some narrower tires in front like 255 or so but oh well.
  14. Yes, it feels like it takes forever to clean with mothers and in one rain its crap. Plus those pics were taken at the girls house and notice the gravel :nonono: and me with not only a black car but now shinny rims.

    BUt OHHH god does it look nice clean :spot:
  15. I just started using the Mothers Billet aluminum polish and it worked 10x better than the regular aluminum polish. Also, buy some of the liquid chrome polish from Mothers also, it'll get all the water spots off.
  16. dang! :nice: what are those? 315s on 10.5" rims? :hail2: but you gotta do something about those peashooters. put on some 3" tips or something ...

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  17. Those are Eagle F1's right? The tread on those look's alot crazier than my Nitto's. And I also love the offset and size of the 315's on the TT2's. It makes the stock wheels look like they are sunk into the trunk. :lol:
  18. getfile.php?id=111655&toggle=fullsize&filename=P1010143.JPG
    :eek: they look huge thats awsome some day I will own a set, oh yes some day.

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  19. Not sure what those are, but they're not Eagle F1's. I have 315/35 Eagle F1's on my car posted on page 1 of this thread.
  20. They are yokohama avis 315 the rims are 11 not 10.5.

    those pea shooters are 2.5 flowmaster tips, I actually want to put on the stock SS tips real soon as they clean up nicer.

    jtkz13-thanks I will get some of the liquid crome polish, I have had a real hard time getting the water spots out/off. It feels like its under the shine almost.

    Thanks for the nice replies guys. :nice: