Pics of your sub/amp setup??

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  1. i would post pics but they are too big of files and i cant remember how to do it? i just barely installed it yesterday
  2. Subwoofer Installation, Helllllp

    I am trying to install a new subwoofer with a new amp to my stang but i dunno which cables i should hook up the adapter to. the adapter has 6 gray cables as input and two outputs. if anyone could help out i would greatle appreciate it. I have a 2000 v6 stereo, the one with the separated cd player. thanks
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  3. me and a few freinds built the entire car myself
  4. Ive got some pics on a disc, but cant find the disc right now... heres the scoop though. Ive got 2 12" Pioneer subs with a 900w amp and a pioneer head unit. I mounted them by taking out the whole rear seat, making a custom sub box that the subs lay into that takes up the whole back seat, and put the amp right behind them so it kinda sticks out.... hard to explain, but basically, the driver and passenger each have a sub behind their head. Ill try posting pics tommaro. The specs might not be right, i just went with what my brother told me to get... im only 16 and in effort not to ruin my stang, he helped with alot of the instalation. Pics will explain better :D
  5. [​IMG]

    Clarion 1000W class D amplifier pushing 2 Solo Baric 10" subwoofers. The 400W Clarion amp is powering the Diamond Audio M5 and M3 speakers on the interior. :nice:
  6. Here's mine
  7. I have pics, I just gotta get them off of my sister computer. I'll post them up ASAP.
  8. :rlaugh: That just doesn't sound right at all....
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    Not quite the sound system that was asked about, but a mighty fine one.

    5.0 M&SF mag did an online article a while back about the install of a complete system to replace a factory mach.

    Big Audio Dynamite Part I
    Big Audio Dynamite Part II

    I thougt it was a pretty clean install and I plan on doing something similar.
  10. :nonono: Might explain why I appeared on Jerry Springer that one time...

    PS: I'm still trying to find the picks. I'm going to be working on my car today so If I can't find them, then I'll just take some pics of it today.
  11. final2.jpg

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  12. Ok here's my system. It's not as good as some of the other ones but I like it. It fits right for me. Box3.jpg

    I have a 12' JL audio w3 sub. I also have a pinioneer something amp(can't recall it off the top of my head).

    More pics of it can be found here

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  13. I know its not a mustang,but heres one I just finished

    and my fastback
  14. Here is my system. Sounds good enough for me.





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  15. Thats a very clean install,nothing to hideous. :hail2:
  16. :jaw: Don't act modest. Your system is kickass.
  17. Well thank you. I do like it a lot. Sometimes I wish I could drive around with the trunk open so that people can see it. Thanks for the comments though.