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  1. Well I'm almost ready to start the makeover on my car. It's going to be a totally different car when i am done. I still need to purchase a clutch since i don't want to have to do a clutch anytime soon after i put the LT's on. So i have a friend that works at Ford and can get a 03 Cobra clutch kit for $500.00 including AL flywheel.... Is that my best choice? or would a King Cobra hold up any better? I'm also waiting on the other set of heads to be ported and polished. Then i want to swap the SHM 2730 cams for some VT stage 2 or the equal comp cams.

    So on the list of things to do there is:

    CC plates
    Coil overs
    Having a friend weld some 2.5" over axle tubes on to the Magnaflows
    4.10's (friend is doing the rear)
    31 spline T-loc
    31 spline axles
    weld torque boxes and axle tubes
    Upper control arms
    lower control arms
    rear shocks
    rear springs W/air bag

    What else should i buy besides SFC's, AL drive shaft?

    What else should i need or should i do since I'm going to be going through everything?

    A couple of friends of mine and myself are going to do all of this over one weekend. Shouldn't be a problem. Any help or helpful comments are appreciated. now for the pics.

    Also, when i put the LT's on i want start the car up and drive it around the block just to see how loud it would be. Is this a bad idea? Could it damage anything?

    My garage (where all of the magic is going to happen!)

    Thanks for looking.... Justin.
  2. :nice: :nice: :nice:
    is it your daily driver???
    you do know the tubular k-member isnt street legal at all right? if you wreck your car and the insurance company notices it, you're screwed. just a heads-up. nice mods though, its going to be sick :drool: what cams btw??
  3. thats funny how you laid everything out in order, its like adult toys.
  4. :eek: u have a life... :nice:
  5. I did not know that about the K-member.... I pray i never get in an accident but if i do i will make sure that the insurance company doesnt see the k-member, hopefully. yes, this is my daily driver.

    Gotta love the toys...

  6. The main reason i laid everything out was because i needed to clean upstairs in the garage where all of this stuff was just thrown around. I wanted to make sure i have everything so that when i start the build im not having to look for anything. Plus it's fun to see what i'm about to get myself into....
  7. right now i have SHM 2730 cams but i want to sell them and buy some VT stage 2's or some equal comp cams.
  8. smart move :nice:

    the k member isnt as stong as stock, so pray you dont get into a head on :rlaugh:
  9. your going to love the power difference! :nice:
  10. Now i have to think about if the weight savings is worth it. This is my dd and i only go to the track maybe 10 times a year.
  11. God.. I wish I had a lift and compressed air in my garage.
  12. what do you mean? are you now considering not putting in the k member and coilovers?

    i was planning to do a k member myself, not the coilovers though. mine is not a daily driver, but i dont think that makes a difference, accidents can happen any time. hopefully not to either of us.
  13. what are the insurance companies going to do, give you absloutely nothing, if you been paying them the whole time? that is crazy. i mean with all the money you give them they cant just tell you to f off, can they?

    cant you just say you didnt know that the k member made the car illegal?
    is it stated on the sites that sell them?
  14. yea, the k-member and coilovers are still going in. Just thinking everything through.
  15. what kinda coilovers did you get? I'll buy 'em if you decide not to put them on :D seriously.
  16. When you said it was all going on in one weekend, I was like no F'n way. Then I took a look at your garage. Wow. I'm buying a house and the realtor is always like, what do you think. I always say, I don't care about the house, that's the gf's part. If the garage is big, I'm home.
  17. So what bank did you rob :shrug: how much was all that stuff:D

    You have a lot of parts I dont have............you suck:mad: :mad: :mad:

    Just kidding, you da man:hail2:
  18. nice setup! however...those are some nice dings in ur LT's...are u gunna have them fixed?
  19. Oh yea, in case nobody responded yet, it won't hurt anything to drive with just the headers on, but you'll feel a big loss of torque and probably will get a check engine light .. nothing to worry about.
  20. Hey, nice setup. Noticed you have pretty much the same exact exhaust setup as me. I have BBK LT's, with an O/R H, and the Magnaflow catback. I think you will like the sound! Its very nice and quiet at idle and when normally driving, so when you first start it you may not be too happy, haha. But when you get on it, it really screams. I like the fact that its nice and quiet inside the car and then loud whenever you need it to be. I still set off car alarms and like the sound a lot better than when I had my Magnapack catback, it was way too loud in a tin metal raspy kinda way. I like it loud, real loud, but only if its nice and deep throughout the RPM range. This setup should be nice, good luck with everything!