~PICS~ Parts ready to be installed...

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  1. What kind of exhaust tips are those?

    They are very nice. Any more pics of the tips?

  2. verry nice setup
  3. I've spent about $4500.00 in mods on my car in about 3 years. I have gotten almost everything used so i have saved about 3500.00 from buying used instead of new. The mods i have pictured are mods that i have been collecting over the past year. Trying to get everything just right. And now i find out the following....

    I should trade the Strange struts in for Tokicos because Strange struts make a lot of noise.

    I should not weld my axle tubes because i'm not making enough power and it wont be worth it especially if the tubes warp.

    Buy a McLeod dual friction clutch with Fidanza flywheel.

    Trade the Motive 4.10s for FRPP gears because motive gears whine...
  4. [​IMG]
    they are 4" i believe 18" long.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone....
  5. Must be kick ass having your own lift lucky bastard :nice:
  6. If hes got the Magnaflow tips they are 3.5 inches. I have some good pics of just the tips, since I am currently selling my Magnapacks on ebay, switched over to Magnaflows:

    View attachment 497944

    View attachment 497946

    View attachment 497948
  7. Mine aren't magnaflow tips. They are just standard 4" tips....
  8. Wow, those tips look really really nice. Although, 4" might be a bit much for my personal tastes.

    What colour is that? Electric Green?
  9. I also thought the 4" tips would be to much for me, but once they put them on, i agreed that they looked great and were not too big. They fill the cutouts nicely and they do look really nice.

    Yes, you are correct. It is Electric Green.