*PICS* What about this SVO?

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  1. I just sold my 1996 GT, and am looking to get into an SVO. There are only two available here in Utah, and this guy has this 1986 available for $3250.
    He works with cars, and went through the motor and driveline 7k miles ago, and rebuilt the motor and everything.

    I am new to these motors, as well as the Fox..would this be a good buy? What would be a good price to offer?
    What will the price do over the years?

    Also, what are some good first mods? I would like to go faster than my 255rwhp 1996 GT, but not spend too much..what can I do?
    Thanks for all the help!


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  2. Few more!

  3. Heck yeah thats a good deal! It would be pretty simple to beat a 14 1/2 in the quarter. Intercooler, boost valve and exhaust. and you should be set to 14's easily.

  4. I wish i had a SVO lol. How much horse power do they push out stock?
  5. I would buy it, Price is very reasonable for a car in that condition... Especially if the motor has been rebuilt. Does he have any specs, or proof that the engine has been gone though.


  6. 1984 175hp
    1985 175hp
    1985.5 205hp
    1986 200hp

  7. I'd say that's a steal of a deal...jump all over it...

    Your GT only ran [email protected] stock good running 86 SVO will run [email protected] a boost controller (45 bux) would cut 3-4 tenths and add 2-4mph.
  8. Reply..keep in mind my GT ran that time..14.869 at 4200 ft :) My GT stock was running mid 16s...ewww!
  9. For $3250, buy it, that's all I can say.

    I know you could probably make 255 hp in the SVO easier than you did in your '96...
  10. Sweet! I was going to go look at it and buy it tomorrow, but it looks like the alternator and battery are sick..nothing to really worry about, right?

    *edit...He is replacing them by the way..free :)

  11. many people overlook how much altitude factorws into ET's

    a 14.8 car in utah would run mid 13's or so at sea level.

    SO a stock SVO would be lucky to crack into the 16's at that altitude
  12. I'd get it. The interior looks surprisingly not rotten. White is also a good color. I would have looked for one like that, but you already know how slim the pickings are, especially in that condition for that price.
  13. Well, for all those that care, I cought this car today, for $3100. It is nice, and the sound of the turbo is addicting! I will have to wash it and detail it and get some pictures, thanks again for all the info!

    I am excited to be involved with the 2.3T and bug all you guys when stuff goes wrong.
  14. Good to hear...
  15. I am actually pretty excited! The interior needs a little work, mostly jsu ta good detailing, but other than that it is nice.

    There are a few issues that I'll get to...if anyone has any tips, let me know..

    Horn doesnt work
    fog light kit sitting in a box waiting to be installed
    has a manual fan switch that has to be flipped off to not drain battery(can I make it so it doesnt affect the battery?)
    right exhaust pipe rattles against something when going over bumps.

    I was kind of upset because it has speakers cut out of the doors :( And the deck is rubbish, but I will have to figure something better out.

    I like the car though. The outside paint is nice, with only a few issue areas. It is livewithable, but I think I would like to tear it all down and repaint it really nicely. We shall see.
    It seems pretty quick too, the boost is nice, and from 3k rpms on the thing moves! WOOHOO!

    I am pretty happy about it.
  16. Hey, glad you got it. I'm jealous though; I look for white cars and yours is nicer and cost less on top of that!.....and with the higher powered engine.

    Are they original foglights?

    On the fan, there is a controller under the dash on the driver's side that either melts the wiring or burns up internally. Replacing it is the right way to fix it. Ideally you have the fan controller activate a seperate relay so it doesn't handle the high amperage fan current. Go to turboford.org or SVOCA.com forums and search for "fan controller". That or change the fan switch so it only gets power from a "key-on" 12v source. The stock fan comes on at a whopping 220-230*.
  17. The foglights look like an OEM Ford part. I havent opened the boxes yet, but I should get to it next week.
  18. Hang on to them if they are. They are a rare part and usually aren't cheap. :mad:

    Wait, scratch that, I'll give you 20 bucks for em!
  19. Congrats, the 85.5/86's are a nice find indeed and that was a good price as well. Just get you a nice boost controller, boost gauge and FMIC. Then crank the boost up a little and have some fun with that bad boy.

    PS, I think the stock Fogs will say something like made in France or Belguim.