*PICS* What about this SVO?

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  1. you got a nice deal man. I paid $2k for mine with a pretty much destroyed interior.

    the interior alone in that one justifies the price.

    I'll be honest, I would pull out the shifter/boot/ebrake handles, steering wheel/hornpad, and both fuzzy panels and put them in storage while owning the car :p every single one of those pieces still look mint but can only wear more and more with use. Hell, it's $300 for just the steering wheel rim itself if you have to replace it :jaw:
  2. i guess its just me but SVO look like the ugly ducklings of the Mustang generations....i wouldnt mind taking whats under the hood and jamming it into my 91 tho....
  3. I felt that way when I first saw them a few years back but now I'd love to have one.
  4. I know you're new and all.......but that is one of the faster ways to alienate the people who do like SVOs. Seriously. They're downright militant at SVOCA, but I can understand why. This is isn't a warning or anything, just a heads up that others may react harshly.

    At a production run of ~9800 cars total and many fewer than that now, there aren't too many left to make a "donor" out of.
  5. Get one out of a t-bird. And it isnt just the engine that makes it different, suspension.

  6. This isn't SVOCA and people are intitled to their opinions.

    When I first saw the 79-86 stangs, I thought the same thing. I told my self I would NEVER drive something like that. One day I needed something that got better MPG than my 4x4 Tahoe, and found me a 93' LX coupe 2.3L w/A4LD. I fell in love with this car because it was pretty damn dependable BUT it was freaken slow. I mean I had slow ass people with Handicap plates moving faster than me on a down hill road :rlaugh: So I started doing my research and ended up buying an 88'TC to swap in a 2.3T/T5 swap. I desided to go back to school for some reason and didn't have the time to work on it. So I bit the bullet and found an SVO. It was in great shape and already running. So I looked past the looks and got the car. Now I had three 2.3's and I hated Ford at the same time :eek: After a while I driving the SVO, I fell in love with it...all except those counter sunk lights on the 84 and older 85's. The flush mounted 85.5/86'sa are freaken cool looking to me and I would buy one right now if I had the chance. The fact that they come with more power would be a bonus :nice:

    Here is a picture of the stangs...

    I've since sold them....and the house in the back ground as well.

    I had to get a garage I could fit both of these in...


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  7. Really? Where did I say otherwise?
  8. Pro-hawk I didn't know you sold those two cars! Makes sense though, you haven't been around in a while. You have any 'Stangs in the stable?
  9. Long time no read lol

    Ya, I kept the stangs around for a while but it got to be a PITA having all those cars around. I just don't see how 351coupe does it lol Anyways, I was going to get an 03/04' Cobra but went with the Harley for more room.

    Just making sure he and everyone else was aware of that fact.

    In truth, SVOCA don't apove much about Stangnet.com anyhow. They worship the SVO and don't care for one being parted out or the parts of one used on a typical stang. Just go make a post over there asking if it would look ok to install an SVO BI wing on an 90' LX stang. You're for sure to either get banned or the thread locked down quicker than a fat man can chew through a free Buffet dinner.
  10. Apparently you don't apreciate the SVO either. There were less than 9,900 SVOs ever built and even fewer exist now. How many people would approve of parting out a good Boss 302? SVOs are in the same category except no one gives a damn about them.
  11. Hey..I am working now on the exterior paint of the car, and it is a lot of fun! I wet sanded the headlights and parking lights, they look a little better. Also, started taking the interior out, starting at the trunk. Looks good :)

    Also, my horn doesnt work, any idea?
    Also, passenger side window switch, on both sides of the car doesnt work. Is seems like the switch isnt getting power. The other day, we rolled up to stop, and trried to roll the window up, didnt go up. We left that spot, hit a few bumps i nthe road, and all of the sudden it worked again..but now it doesnt work again..I have the door panels off, and am about ready to test the wiring..any thing else this could be?

    Where can I find the little chrome strip that goes on the door panel, the sticky one?
    Ill get some pics later :)
  12. Check the fuse for the horn. I think that circuit usually has its own that isn't shared with anything else.

    Sounds like a loose connection for the door lock solenoid.

    I didn't think the paint was bad enough to need a reshoot, but then again it's hard to tell on white cars and I'm used to having vehicles that need paint.
  13. Got the window going, woohoo.

    The horn, still a no go. I checked the fuse, it is good. I guess take the horn pad off? Where is the horn itself located?
  14. The horn itself is probably behind the grille or bumper. I haven't looked for one on a Fox3 in a long time. Maybe check the relay also. If it's not clicking, then it's either dead or not getting power.