Drivetrain Pictorial Guide To Odometer Gear Replacement

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Jinx, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. You can try (I tried - no luck), but I highly doubt it. Another option is to check on Ebay.
  2. I looked all over as well and ended up going with

    Did the install this weekend - took 30 mins start to finish. Easiest fix ever... for once! :D

    Here's what I pulled out of mine...

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  3. Damn I wish I'd found this a year ago! I didn't know they made replacement gears. Ford said I had to buy a whole new assembly. I wound up using JB Weld & a Dremel to replace the missing teeth :(

    BTW, how much are they? I may buy the one you have left.
  4. As of today they are $25 from the same site I got mine. Unfortunately I needed to use the 2nd one in my truck after 170000 miles.
  5. does that gear just turn the odometer or the mph too?
  6. It controls the odometer and tripmeter only.
  7. Jinx, I hadn't seen this thread until Paul linked to it on another thread. You did an outstanding job - rivaling just about any install article I've seen for a similar R/R. Fabulous pics and captions. :nice:
  8. Nice pictures and everything but you did way too much work. you do not have to take off the front piece and move any of the needles. Did you do white face gauges at the same time or something and just not add those pics?
  9. Thanks :nice:

    not sure what you mean by "the front piece", but I didn't move or remove any of the needles. I only took pics of their positions cause I didn't realise at the time that the needles will reset themselves (as long as you don't pull them off their post.) As for white face gauges, none were put on, but I'm sure this writeup would help with that too. :D
  10. silver motor

    any more tips on removing that silver motor covering the gear. Im trying slightly but I dont want to brake the blue plastic!
  11. Just be very easy on it. It's kinda like a prescription medicine bottle (push down & turn). You may have to gently pry a small flatblade screw driver between the Blue plastic tab and the silver motor housing.
  12. I request the flip-top easy-open caps! :D
  13. Jinx,

    Mucho props on the fine writeup.
    I did the install this weekend with the laptop and your pics right beside me the whole time.
    Only thing I'll point out is that I was not able to get the headlight knob off by pulling that little keeper towards me. I struggled and struggled and finally managed to get it off (pretty easily) by pushing it toward the dash.
    Just a little personal input.
    Now I'll try it on car number 2 here as soon as I order another one!
    Thanks alot.

  14. Thanks for the input Joe :nice: . Perhaps Ford used 2 different styles of clips during production?? Some push like yours, some push like mine :shrug: Who knows, it's Ford we're talkin' about
  15. do you need two of the gears or jus tone,for the fix?
  16. Gonna need this odo and trip stopped working. Thanks!
  17. Just one.
  18. could i use vaseline for the grease,its all i even got there guys? just thought vaseline would be a grease for it...
  19. Yes, but it's probably better if you use a grease that has a higher resitance to heat but still safe for plastics. The gears won't get hot but the inside temp of the car will duriing the summer and I'm not sure how well vaseline will hold up.