Drivetrain Pictorial Guide To Odometer Gear Replacement

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  1. well i got the part today and want to install it,on tuesday.i'll see/let you know how it goes...hopefully this is my problem,cause i woul like to start seeing how many miles to the gallon and tank i get in this thing??!?!?
  2. wow its fixed and under 45mins,in between the breaks for the big brake job...i cant belive it, gread thread!!!!!i did use vaseline because i looked at all the other greases and nothing was going to do good.vaseline will hold up in the heat,i keep my jar of the stuff in the garage not to mention this stuff is like 40+years old and it dont melt or nothing..a little residue on the top but it should get the job sone right....
  3. See it's easy

    Congrats on the repair. :nice: It's not that difficult to do, but some people fear that there is a lot of electronics and complicated parts involved. That's why I originally posted this thread, to help aleviate some of those worries. :)
  4. First I want to thank the person that took the time to take the pictures on how to replace the gear.

    It was easy so far but I want to see if I need to add any grease or just install the gear.

    If I do need to add the grease what type and brand did everyone use. Also where did you get it from.

  5. Well I found the grease and installed everything and guess what. The dash lights dont work now. I checked the fuses and even pulled the cluster back out and no luck at all. The dome light works but the dash and a/c panel lights dont work. Any ideas at all?

  6. Do the cluster lights work?? I would think that one of 3 things has happened...
    1.) blown fuse
    2.) pinched wire
    3.) wire disconnected when pulling the cluster out.
  7. Your pic's were fantastic!

    Steve and I have gotten the instrument panel out of the car and down to having taken the gear out for the odometer (half the teeth are missing!).

    Anyway, we never thought about what type of grease to use.

    I hope someone can reply soon, as my car is nonfunctional until we figure out what type grease to use.


    It's Sunday, July 8.....

  8. White Lithium grease should be fine. Just keep in mind, you want a grease that is safe for plastics, won't freeze in the winter and won't melt in the summer.
  9. Thank god for this thread...just fixed my odometer and rolled back the odometer to 600 miles for my new stroker :) and yes im keeping this car FOREVER until it blows up or something.
  10. So when I go to buy a gear at, I can buy a main drive gear and a worm gear. Which do I get and whats the difference?
  11. The main is what goes usually. I orderd the main hear recently.
  12. Glad I found this thread! Excellent writeup.
  13. This is true. If you are unsure as to which one you need, I suggest taking the cluster out and checking. Sometimes both do go bad. More than likely it is just the main gear. Still it would be best to check, so you only have to order once, which would mean less down time and you only have to pull the cluster out twice instead of three times.
  14. Yo guys...just double checking cause the link isn't there this the right store/link...

    Which one should I get, the $28 dollar
    WORM GEAR ONLY #10-021 WORM ONLY $28.00"

  15. i might not ever need to do this, but this was by far the best step by step thread i have ever seen.

    you wouldn't happen to have to swap out your intake for a gt-40 would you? lol i could use a detailed thread like this.
  16. Great detailed write-up.

    Here is a question for you.
    I currently have a speedo that does not work in my 94GT. Bounces around all over the place... The odometer works great however.

    I replaced the speedo gear which did not help and will try a replacement VSS. If it turns out that the speedo itself is faulty, can I replace the speedo itself without replacing the cluster?
  17. Great Thread

    This is absolutely the most complete thread I've seen posted any where, great job! Would you happen to have a thread for replacing a PCV on a 94 5.0? Again, great job!

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  18. I'm not to sure about the 94's (it was my mothers car) are you talking about the speed gear/servo in the cluster that controls the needle or the gear that takes the actual reading? If it's the gear that takes the actual reading, why not upgrade your diff gears and get a new speedo gear to correct for the new ring and pinion? Just using the speed gear replacement as an excuse to go with steeper rear gears. :nice:

    Thanks. Are you serious about the PCV :shrug: that should be covered in most over the counter repair manuals. Not sure. Just noticed that you are over seas. Try to see if you can buy a manual from an online source.