Drivetrain Pictorial Guide To Odometer Gear Replacement

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  1. PCV

    I have an Haynes manual but it doesn't have the steps for a 5.0, its talks for a 3.8 and on that motor, the pcv valve is located in an entirely different location. I'd like to see pictures because my latest search leads me to believe I have to remove the intake manifold. I'm not a big time mechanic but I surely don't mind getting my hands dirty with "How to do steps".
  2. This link may provide info click here
  3. Just did this on mine and this is an excellent write-up.

    My gear was so brittle that it crumbled. It seriously felt like wax instead of plastic.
  4. i have to do this....thanks for this writeup
  5. ya i have 4-10 gears and need to correct my odemeter.that in the trans area i think.correct? yal or of great help on everything
  6. Thanks Jinx. Nicely done. :nice:
  7. I had to do that about 4 years ago. Damn that little plastic gear is expensive.

  8. Did mine today. After the pic. was taken, I messed up the bad gear really bad. I was able to take my finger and and scrape off all the teeth on the gear. The worm just just crumbled. The little shafts on the main gear (you can see the little piece of one of them in the picture) were just broken off and stuck in the plastic housing of the bezel...had to clean it all out of there.

    Took longer than it should because I had to disconnect the 2 autometer gauges in the bezel, and then the wiring for the white face glow gauges. A pretty straight-forward fix though all in all.

    MY RECOMMENDATION: GO ahead and replace the worm gear while you're in's worth the $25 to save the aggravation.

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  9. To the OP, VERY good write up! :nice: My odometer still works just fine, but I know this is the thread I'll be hitting up when it goes out.
  10. 50 minutes to fix, 14 months to get around to it.
  11. Drove it 5.5 miles, all seemed well. Didn't have the radio on so don't know about that. Was going to head to town for the bushings for the window motor. Started it up and was going to listen to the radio. No radio, no clock, oh well, look at it when I get back. Head down the road and also notice, no speedo, no odometer or trip meter and no door chime. Everything else I checked seems to be OK. Which fuse will kill all of that? Why did it work for 5.5 miles. Damn Mustang. I want to get everything fixed before I give the convertible to my Grand-Daughter.
  12. It is fuse #8

    Popped it again, pulled the dash and could not find anything wrong. 10amp fuse, put a 15 in,didn't have anymore 10s, popped it. Still can't find anything, so, decided to try a 20 amp and look for smoke. NO smoke and all is working. Guess I'll put the dash back together and see.
  13. Listed on there web site they say to replace the Black worm gear if your car came with it (like the one you posted). If your car came has the White worm gear to leave it as it was made using better material.
    Check to see which worm gear you have first before ordering as you made need to replace both gear and worm.
    OP Great write up :nice: I need to do this soon.
  14. Speedo and odom question

    Ok so I have a 95 mustang v6 and for as long as I have owned it neither the speedometer or the odometer has worked. I have tried a couple things, replaced the speed sensor in the tranny, and replaced the entire gauge cluster. When neither of these worked I gave up for a while. I was doin some research and found this How To, took apart my cluster and found that my main gauge was definately part of the problem. The worm looks fine but it looks to me like the worm gear goes up to the speedometer. Is it possible that my speedometer problem could be related to these bad gears??
  15. dsj2086,

    I believe the gears inside the cluster only apply to the main odometer and to the trip odometer (if you have one). I would not think that the design would change much between the v6 and v8.

    Not sure as to the exact functioning of the speed sensor, as I never had to mess with the one on my mother's 95. But I thought it was an electrical signal to the cluster and not a mechanical one :shrug: like I said, never had to mess with it.
  16. Thanks very much from Japan!

    Jiax, I just want to say my big thanks. My 95 Conv G has been 'resurrected' by your guidance. :hail2:

    Last year, the trip meter went dead, Odometer as well. The dealer in Japan told me to replace whole stuff with 550 USD, then I happened to finf this site. With the odometer stopped, my 15-year lover will not pass the mandatory car inspection in my country, which means I won't drive it any more.

    It took over 3 hours because I had to go buy TORX screw driver, but, now everything is okay.

    Btw, drivers power seat won't move forward and back. It moves up and down. The dealer told me to replace the whole stuff, but, is there any better way to fix? Thanks for advice.
  17. Jinx,

    I am about to order the main gear to fix my broken odom and trip in my 96 GT, and i saw that someone recommended changing the main and worm gear while you are in there, do you think thats a wise thing to do? Just go ahead and change it just in case?

    Also, where exactly is the worm gear in those pics? I assume its somewhere near the main one, but is it as easy to change or a pain in the ass?


    David C.
  18. David,

    You might as well, as long as you are gonna have it apart. It does not appear that it will be that difficult at all. From what I can remember, I think the worm gear is located directly beneath that little silver drive motor. You sure can't see it in any of the pictures.

    Good Luck
  19. Who would have thought 2 people with the same odd name on the same board. Is yours a nickname? Nice writeup btw. My car don't move enough to break stuff
  20. Yeah, I picked up that nickname when I was a lot younger, and it seems to have stuck. Lately I kinda have gone into maintenance mode vs. mod mode due to the economy. All routine stuff, nothing unique like a cluster removal.

    I've always liked the color of your car (seen ya post from time to time). :nice: