Drivetrain Pictorial Guide To Odometer Gear Replacement

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  1. I just threw some scotch tape on them and just pried it out. After breaking off the two pegs on the side I realize there is two small openings on the plastic housing lol. So for anyone in the future learn from my mistake and make it easy on yourself and just take a screwdriver and poke them out of there groove. :rlaugh:
  2. I am using the 94 Mustang cluster from my parts car in my 61 Falcon build. Can I remove this gear and turn back the odomoeter to all 000000's? I would like to start out at all 000000 since it will be a new car when I am done. hehehe
  3. Ok this may be a dumb question and already asked but I replaced the gear and the worm gear but still doesnt work. My speedometer hasnt worked since I have owned the car ( about a month) does the speedo have to work to have the odometer and tripmeter work?
  4. Well, it all gets it's signal from a common place, the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) which goes on the transmission. Start there and see what you find.
  5. I will try that and see what I find
  6. If I recall correctly:

    The older stangs (pre 2001??) have a separate mechanism for speed and odometer. The newer models run off a digital VSS. The older ones are actually gear and cable driven from your transmission (on the manuals at least) I would pull the cable out of the side of the transmission and check to see if the gear on the end of the cable is worn. The 2 gears you replaced in the cluster will only effect the odometer.
  7. 94 up Mustangs do not use cables to drive the speedo, it's all electronic. The signal comes from the VSS to drive the speedo/odo.
  8. ^ good to know :nice: I definitely agree with you that he should check that sensor :)
  9. Usually the culprit is a speedo driven gear that is worn down to the nub!
  10. Hi, I had the exact same issue and replaced the part but now my 1998 ford mustang gt will not start. I don't know if it is security related since I removed the cluster or what! Any ideas? Thanks.


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  11. I just added this thread to the 94-95 Sticky. Its located in section 23. Hopefully Jinx keeps the pictures hosted.
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  12. Only 2 things I can think of are that a wire got pinched putting the cluster back in, or the simpler option that not all the harnesses were reconnected before putting the cluster back in.

    Did you pull any fuses or disconnect the battery before removing the cluster. I know stupid question, but I had to ask anyway.
  13. Pics should be here for a long time. If not, the write up was so popular that many other websites have duplicated the post on their sites, and the distributor of the gears have a copy :nice:
  14. Good deal, like I mentioned I also took this write up and installed it in our 94-95 sticky if that's OK. I used your name.
  15. Not a problem. Glad it can still help. I'm sure that as they 90's start hitting the scrap yards, this info will become less relevant.
  16. Thanks, I will recheck the connections and see.
  17. Sorry to bump this folks.

    These days, what's the consensus on the best place to buy (both gears)? Are all the gears the same and simply repackaged or is there a reason to buy from one person vs another? I'd pay more for better quality, but don't wanna pay more if the same exact item can be purchased for less elsewhere.

    Thanks for any input. :)
  18. I would like to think you can get them elsewhere, but at the time I originally wrote this thread, there was really no other re-sellers of the gears outside of going to the stealership. Let us know what you find in your searches.