Drivetrain Pictorial Guide To Odometer Gear Replacement

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  1. Thanks guys. I went with a seller from ebay. I'll let you know what I think about the products.

    Jinx, thanks again for the great thread. :nice:
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  2. This was great!!!! Thanks so much for posting!!!!!
  3. I have a 1998 V6 Mustang and my odometer went out. The repair shop said I would need a whole new instrument cluster (about $700 after labor) and I declined. So first off, thank you for posting this! I ordered the gears and hopefully this solves the problem.

    I did have a question about something the mechanic told me. They said if you remove the instrument cluster, Ford has an anti-fraud fail safe to prevent odometer tampering and that if you remove the cluster, you must have your car towed to a Ford dealer who can "flash" in the correct mileage from your engine's computer to the odometer.

    Two questions:

    1. Will replacing these odometer gears cause the car to not start?
    2. Is he correct that a Ford dealer can "flash" in the correct mileage? I would like it to read properly once this repair is made anyway.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer this!
  4. 1.) No
    2.) "Flashing" refers to the digital clusters not these mechanical clusters.

    Enjoy, and let us know how it goes.
  5. Hey it's 2017 and I'm referring to this post!!
    1) my fuel gauge doesn't work as well. Will replace it the driver and worm screw get all gauges back working?
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  6. You may get an answer and you may not. My advice is to post your problem in a new thread in the tech section and give as much info as you can so your problem is understood, and welcome to stangnet.
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  7. It's 2017 and I'm still here. :)

    No, it will not fix your fuel gauge issue.

    The gears referred to in this post are for the odometer readings only. If your fuel gauge is not working, I can only think of three things 1.) A bad cluster pod that is the fuel gauge. 2.) A stuck float that is part of your fuel pump in the tank. 3.) A pinched/severed wire between the fuel pump assembly to the cluster pod
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  8. Hissin50 is still around too right?
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  10. Oct 2016, bet he's lurking in the shadows.
  11. Eh, I may not be as old around here as Hissin but I mainly lurk these days. Maybe make a post on something I really know about.

    Just to try and make my post relevant, I just replaced my odometer gear on my 94 Cobra clone. The original lasted about 212,000 miles. When I took it out, the plastic just fell apart in my hands. Always buy new gears, don't trust any old or used ones. I had two spare instrument clusters, one from the V6 and one was an eBay buy from a GT. The V6 one was still good (the GT one also fell apart in my hands), so I put the V6 gears in the Cobra. They only lasted 300 miles or so, then broke.

    I bought a new set off of Amazon, and they've been just fine.
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  12. Thank you @kartheif

    My odometer doesn't work,neither does my fuel,temp,speedometer and oil gauge. The entire instrument cluster doesn't work. It light up when I crank it up though with theft and the battery light but they soon go off when the car is started.
  13. I'm not up on 94-5's when it comes to electrical stuff, I would suggest you start a post in the tech section describing what you have, what you have done to it and the problems you are having. I'll check in on it and maybe I can learn something too.
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  14. Sounds like it may be as simple as a blown fuse. User manual will show which fuse in the fuse block controls the instrument cluster. Start there and do a search for instrument cluster gauges/pods not working.

    good luck.

    And yes, new gears are always the way to go. :nice: