Picture of my car and bros celica

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by WillDuhhBeast, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. I didn't call your car a Bullitt, I called it a Bullitt wannabe. You drive a GT and your poster name is dsg03bullitt. Wishful thinking....probably, but either way, keep up with the name calling and you'll find yourself on a one way trip to bansville. My car isn't everyones cup of tea, but most people find it quite nice. All the performance of the Mustang, mixed with the ride and comfort of a Lincoln. Like it, don't like it, I don't car.

    .....and what would ever make you think I wanted you to "wax my ass with your fox"?!?!? Is that slang for something???? Is there something about yourself you'd like to confess to the board? :scratch:
  2. i see what ur sayin now, this is true:nice:
  3. :rlaugh:

    i was gunna comment on your behalf, however i knew u could handle it!:lol:
  4. LOL, finally someone has some sense about them other than me :nice:
  5. :rlaugh:

    this thread gets better and better :rlaugh:
  7. See what these imports do, they tear us apart!!:nonono:

  8. Actually my car is not a bullitt nor do i want it to be....mine is faster and newer than a Bullitt! So why would i want a bullitt?

    Yea you got me with the waxin ass thing.....i have to comeback for that:shrug:
  9. For your education, that's the same measurement, in different units. Learn somethin new every day.

    But yeah, your bro's car would whoop mine. But again, the problem I see is, for example, if he had really dark tint, and raced me, I'd go running to my friends crying "THIS CHICK IN A CELICA BEAT ME!! :("

    I'm not trying to be disrespectful. Just don't see how anyone could look at that car and think anything but "girl car."

    As far as "rice?" The grill doesn't look like "top notch" work IMHO, and the body kit + wheel style doesn't feel well thought out. It's not THAT bad though. Hell, if he didn't have his doors open, all I would see is a stock Celica from certain angles. You could certainly argue either way though.

    ("from certain angles" was added after I went back to take a closer look, which, honestly, is what I would have to do on the street anyway. Who notices Celicas?)

    Needa do something about the wheels.
  10. sorry guys....but lambo doors belong on lambos, and altezza lights belong on altezzas. ill hate on any car that rocks lambo doors or altezzas. end of story. i aint no import hater either. i own a honda civic myself.
  11. the problem with that is something takes off so quick and becomes so popular you start seeing it on factory cars all over...altezzas or altezza-looking lights can even be found on 02 or 03? and newer ford lightnings, and a bundle of other factory trim cars. lambo doors is another story, i would have to agree the import scene takes a lot of what makes certain cars unique and tries to incorporate that into their cars. take for instance a chevy cavalier, that for some reason finds itself part of the "import" crowd: and a common thing to do would be doors to look like a lamborghini, fenders to look like a bmw z3, antennae from a honda s2000, altezza tails from a lexus, hell why not even cut up your trunk and put ACTUAL lexus lights in, etc etc this could go on all day...
  12. u cant argue the performance of a lightweight 4 cyl vs a "heavy" v8. theres just nothing to compare. ive had this agrument with so many 4 banger ppl and all they talk about is weight, boost, and hp. they never mention torque, which is what really matters when racing, because if 4 cyl people knew anything about torque, they would know that its definition is the tendency to rotate which is the force that the tires are spun by. when you dont have any of it, you dont win. most of them run too much boost and blow their motors, and their high hp #'s are true, but at 8k. when you line them up, theres no debate that a v8 in a mustang is wayyy more geared toward the straight line, and will always come out on top given equal modding. oh.. and when i say all that, they start telling me they would win on a twisty road, and i just walk away cause thats a whole other story! :bang: just give up, we ARE a bunch of v8 minded guys, WTF else would we be here??
  13. Toyota may not have any 400+hp cars or hell even 300+hp cars, but they are focused on producing normal cars that people buy at MSRP such as the new Camry that is on pace to be the best selling sedan for another year and there doesnt seem to be any slowing down. Ford cant build an engine that competes and GMs styling is a freakin joke. Other than the 300/Charger/Magnum Chrysler doesnt make anything cool either.
  14. I like your GT... but as far as the Celica goes, I think it looks better in stock form than with all those mods your brother did. Just doesn't look clean to me, it's like he's got too much going on at once. If he had a stock looking Celica with 300hp under the hood, my hat would be off to him because he'd have one hell of a sleeper.

    Things to take from this thread:
    streetstang03 - Still not afraid to say it :rlaugh:
    san~man - the master of stomping your argument into the ground
    Gearbanger101 - Still wrongfully hated for owning a Cougar (I like your car at least :shrug: )
  15. I give up, I just hope that your mind is not as closed on other topics.

    It's okay to like the movie fast and furious, and its okay to own and modify and import.

    The torque arguement made me laugh, experiance it yourself, find a bolted on 6 speed gt-s with a kid who knows what he has.. he'll show you his altezza's for sure.
  16. umm.. i know nothing about the #'s of the car u just explained.. but is it running any boost? my point was that the 4 cyl cars need mad boost to hang, and some of them still dont make much torque. im not as closed minded as you might think, i would really like an R32 someday with a stang, and I KNOW you can always find anm exception to whatever argument i could bring up, just like I could with any anti- V8 car statement you or your brother could come up with. and my ans would probably be the new Z06 cause they are amazing :drool:
  17. so what's he run? 14s? perhaps high 13s with the doors up? :lol:
    are you coming out too? :rlaugh:

    great thread, will read again.
  18. did anyone mention rice yet???
  19. yeah, once they saw brain's car
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