Picture of my car and bros celica

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  1. F'ker :bang:

  2. He runs low 13's.

    I'm not sure if that was insulting my car or his with that kind of statment.

    As far as the comment "are you coming out too?" goes, it's seriously uncalled for. I don't even know you, the least you could do is show a little bit of respect.
  3. I'll keep the thread open as long as no one gets personal in their posts.

    Bash on the car all you want (it's fair game) but leave the thread maker and his brother alone.
  4. This was an entertaining read...ok now back to Football :)
  5. I knew those doors had their effect . :D

    Your car seems fine. It was a joke on his doors.

    I think most of us would respect you 'bros' car had it not been pimped like that. The power mods, the wheels, and even the hood would have been fine. But the body kit and then the doors...over the top.

    But in the end, it's a free country. :flag:

    btw, hitting Enter twice to separate paragraphs is enough ;)
  6. [​IMG]
    can someone please point out specifically what is 'ricey' about this car? no, it does not have lamborghini doors, altezzas, or any of that; other than the fact that it was simply made in japan if thats all you are going to say
  7. IMO, nothing. He doesn't have Lambo doors, no CF hood. The sideskirt looks like the stock one and he doesn't have an obscene wing.
  8. It might not be 'ricey', but i still wouldn't want to be seen driving it. It's not a man's car.

  9. 1.) It looks like an insect.
    2.) A strickly female only car (or a petite gay man)
    3.) Rice=poor taste without function...so in this picture Id say the design of the car is rice...why is it a wedge shape? why is it so small? whats its purpose, to appeal to sporty young chinese women...they should shape it like a black penis if thats the case.
  10. riding on 19in wheels in a 1.8l econobox? :shrug:
  11. its the exact same body kit as the car first posted, and theyre 18" wheels...but wow, seriously, an insect? a woman's car? where in the description does it say this car is for a woman only? is that because it is a 4cyl? i would agree if i looked at a celica i would think it is a cool chick car. but if i saw a guy driving one i wouldn't label him gay. why is a cf hood rice?

    at this point i wouldnt be surprised if a stock lancer evo or sti was labeled rice either just because it has a tall wing. same could be said for a cobra R then about the large wing and exxagerated front bumper. oh well.
  12. I'd drive a Celica because it must be a fun city car. I don't think it's a girl's car at all. But I also don't think that it really qualifies as a sports car either.
  13. Sure.....stock or not, it sports an ugly assed non functional body kit. It kinda looks like a bastardizes Stalker kit for a Mustang.....which was also an ugly/ricey design to start with (sorry Ray). Huge heavy blacked out wheels that look like 4 giant spare tires or like someone that was too lazy to clean off their brake dust when they washed the car. Crazy, exagerated lines......

    ....alright, Rice may be too strong of a word. How's just plain ugly grab ya instead? :shrug:
  14. i really dont know why im trying to defend a celica i just honestly cant understand some of the points made. take for instance the "blacked out wheels...looks like someone was too lazy to clean off their brake dust" would you say that to someone who had gunmetal bullits? probably not...so why? and how do you know that they are heavy? they could be made from carbon fiber for all you know. the ugly body kit is whatever, everyone has their own opinion...id venture a guess the body kit is about as functional as i mentioned before of the exxaggerated cobra r front bumper and large wing. but no one would dare call that rice. you guys can call it ugly, call it slow, whatever you want but half the comments made here aren't even valid.
  15. perhaps
  16. "you're all entitled to your own opinions, even if they are wrong."
  18. As far as the wheels being heavy.. if it was directed at my brothers car.. way off

    it even says "lightweight" on them.. we weighed them at just over 16 lbs a peice.

    Secondly, I'll hit enter as many times as I see fit, to sperate thoughts, this should not turn into a forum police debate.

    Thirdly, the arguement about it being a 1.8 econobox, if I'm requoting that correctly..

    This 1.8 run's track times just SLIGHTLY slower than our gass-eating 4.6's. Now to me, that's a success. Even supercharged vs supercharged, he is only just behind me. I think it's justifiable to modify a car with its potential, not a lot different than our mustang.

    If I were using the same context you guys are to judge these celicas... bullit wheels, fr500 wheels.. mach 1 chin spoliers on non-mach 1's.. k&n air filters.. mac exhaust products, or flowmaster..and so on and so on that almost every bolt on mustang has can be called redneck?
  19. Your front wheel looks like if you turned really sharp, the rim would shoot sparks off the pavement. What's up with that?
  20. at what point can you say the cobra r rear spoiler or one on an import are any different in functionality? the cobra would need to be going at an incredible rate of speed to make that thing useful. another car, take for instance the lancer evo, could be modified easily to go just as fast yet if it has a large wing it is called a ricer wing rather than functional. the statement about the wheels...you have no proof they are heavy and will exxessivly slow the car down, yet it was pointed out right away because its obvious they are larger. the chrome wheels on my car have got to be one of the heaviest wheels on the market, or better yet the blinging 20s on the new saleens, but thats not even mentioned...ever. put 20s on an import - ricer, but 20s on a mustang - doesnt matter.
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