Picture of my car and bros celica

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by WillDuhhBeast, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Hey

    I have a thought

    It's just an idea

    But maybe

    Just maybe

    You should

    Buy yourself a Celica

    You'll be just as fast

    Handle better

    Save gas

    And there is a huge aftermarket for it

    For all your carbon fiber and lambo door needs
  2. First, If that's not a girls car, then I guess the new Beetle isn't either? Seriously, you can't deny some cars just look like girls cars, and most people will agree on the Celica being one of them. So lets just end that argument there.

    Second, we all see waaaay too many broken ass cars with big aluminum wings on them. If you were to assume every modded asian car you see with an wing isn't driven or even modded to the extent that that wing would be advantageous, you would be right the majority of the time. The same can actually be said about Mustangs. It's just not too often you see a stang with that kinda **** on it, but it's also not too often you see the godly Cobra R (or equivalently modded stang).

    +1 to the Cobra R being build 100% for race-track functionality. Even the fog lights were left out and replaced with air ducting that lead to the brakes :lol: :nice: Ownage.

    And lastly, the stickers add to the ricey-ness.

    I do hear they're fun to drive though. Friend (girl) test drove one and told me it was like driving a gokart.

    Is your brother reading all this? Is he traumatized by what we think about his car? Probably not... from my experience, non-Mustang lovers are Mustang haters.
  3. This thread is so funny! But i am still laughing my ass off at the guy calling the celica ugly:lol:


    Talking about ugly...............................^........................................
  4. Wow, tough crowd.

    btw it's safe to say I have yet to lose to a Celica.

    Actually, I haven't raced any so far lol.
  5. And Gearbanger's car is still getting ragged on, not sure when it became the subject of scrutiny... I thought we were talking about willduhbeast's brother's celica??

    Last I checked, personal attacks were against the forum rules. This thread is retarded, that is all. :lock: :lock:
  6. I know about 4 people that drive celicas and 0 are guys. Thats all I am saying about that.

    They are a nice looking car, the silver one imo looks good but I wouldnt want it. If I where to buy a car that has virtucally no back seat that is a so-so sports car I would just buy a 350Z or Mustang plain and simple.
  7. :rlaugh: OMG Tha'ts funny!:owned:
    Dude, face it that car is the DEFINITION OF RICE. Thanks, I'll keep my gas guzzlin V8 with it's bad ass exhaust note. Who cares if the Celica is fast? It still looks ghey. It's not just because I like Mustangs, I think lots of imports are nice for what they are.... That Celica is lame though man.
  8. What is all this talk of a Supra? Toyota has said NOTHING about making a Supra. In fact, Toyota just cancelled production of sports cars in their domestic market.

    The "new Supra" rumors have been going on since '98 and still Toyota has said nothing....and no, that magazine article means nothing.
  9. Your brother's car has shown me that there are sacrifices being made so my SVT Cobra can eat.

    God, jesus, allah and all of the other superfriends be praised.
  10. guys that used to drive celicas traded them in cobalts, thats why you never see them anymore.
  11. :lol:
  12. Well, for starters the Cobra R's rear deck spoiler is functional and most import spoilers are not. A person would seriously have to be dense to think that 99% of the so called "sport compacts", (import and domestic a like) being produced in the last 10-years actually sport factory or aftermarket rear spoilers for their functionality. For starters......most of them are front wheel drive with less than 200hp a even less torque on tap. You can't honestly think most manufactures and aftermarket dealers had anything other than flashing the car up and making money in mind when they built these things do you? I mean.....is the Honda Civic, Hyundai Tiburon or any other car of the like with Mickey Moused sized brakes, pizza cutter width wheels and tires and 115lbs/ft of torque automatically considered a race car because it's got a goofy looking deck spoiler?

    Need more facts to back the Cobra R's reasoning body enhancements and rear spoiler....feel free to read this. http://www.mustangworld.com/ourpics/News/mwcobraR/body.htm

    I dunno....how’s a quarter mile time in the high-12's at over 110mph, a top speed of 175mph, the ability to pull over 1.2g's on the skid pad and go from 70 mph to 0 in 160 feet grab ya?

    another car, take for instance the lancer evo, could be modified easily to go just as fast yet if it has a large wing it is called a ricer wing rather than functional. .[/QUOTE]
    The Lancer Evo, like the Cobra R was a purpose built car, not a glorified econobox

    the statement about the wheels...you have no proof they are heavy and will exxessivly slow the car down, yet it was pointed out right away because its obvious they are larger. the chrome wheels on my car have got to be one of the heaviest wheels on the market, or better yet the blinging 20s on the new saleens, but thats not even mentioned...ever. put 20s on an import - ricer, but 20s on a mustang - doesnt matter.[/QUOTE]
    Look....who cares what they weigh. They were put on for their looks, not their ability to perform. Adding them to a car that already runs a mid-15-second quarter mile and doesn't make enough torque to turn a door know isn't going to make it perform any better.
    Wait.....aren't you the guy who wanted to "wax my ass with a fox"? Do we really need to go there again? :scratch:

    ....BTW.....My Cougar > Your Mustang
  13. Your couger > My mustang ? You can slap mods and a blower on alot of cars but that does not make up for the cars looks!

    your bull***ting anyway......If i offered to trade you cars i know you would take mine over yours in .2 seconds. But there is no way in hell i would drive your car around town, i would rather buy a short bus and pimp in that.
  14. Hmmmm...Lets see again?

    MY car or your car?

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  15. ok here we go....that thing is sexy lol....wonder how many chicks i can get with this?

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  16. uncle ben.gif

    may take a little cropping and stuff but i have a new avatar for willduhhhhhhbeast.

    all in good fun though. :)
  17. OK, I don't see any further point in this thread staying alive. Sorry all.
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