Pictures From Ford Nats Carlisle 2014 (friday)

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  1. Wow! You took a buttload of pics. Nowhere else have I ever seen that many damn Starsky&Hutch Gran Torinos. How many days does that thing go on?
  2. Thurs through Sun
  3. We looked at cars for a fee hours and then started combing through the swap meet side for a few more hours. We barely scratched the surface.
  4. It's always been one of the "ones" I want to go to, but every time it comes around, I'm either working at a job, working on a car, or I sold the car I had.
  5. And not one, not even one LS powered Mustang WTF? I would have thought the place would be crawling with them.:scratch: @hoopty5.0 @tannerc91gt
  6. I was going to go but I had a cousins graduation to go to :(

    And the starter went bad in my other DD
  7. Not just anyone can be as creative as we are :D
  8. Boy do you have that right. As in "mad scientist" creative lol although you have a ways to go to get to the Mad scientist Mike level. He is like the king of madness!
  9. Cool pics. I will go one of these years.
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  11. cool shots thanks for sharing
  12. Oh I know my place in the family tree hahahah
  13. Nice pics. I had to work yesterday so I went out this morning, not a very big crowd unfortunately. There was an old E-series cabover truck up on the hill with a 2.3 turbo in it! I hung around a minute or two but never caught the guy.
  14. interesting, two Super Coupes from different states with the same license plate
  15. Yup...I noticed that when I was there.