Pictures of 87-93 Mustangs W/ '95 Cobra R Wheels

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  1. Do you have some pics of the 98's? From what I can see, there isn't any difference. Am I wrong?

  2. Yes...wrong :D

    They're much sleeker and just "styled" more...side by side there is just no comparison..the '98s are way better.

    Here's my buddy's 89...unfortunately i've never seen them in 4 lug and i've never seen knock offs so you have to get the real thing if you want them...probably why not many people have them.

  3. True. Which is why I am now glad the guy in Phoenix that I was going to buy a set from never showed. I'm sticking with my old rims. Unique and rare to see on a Fox anymore. :banana:
    +1 I mean, I really liked these before every other Fox had them. :(
    ... and as long as opinions are stated in a mature way and respectfully, they are ok. :shrug:
  4. +1

    The '98 Cobras are way sexier! I never could see what the big appeal is about R's, they're a little plain to me... JMO. But I do like the black ones with the machined lip though!
  5. I wasnt gonna say it.
  6. Check out my sig. =)

  7. I really don't care for verts or chrome but that's a damn fine looking car. :nice:
  8. ok one more.....

  9. The Cobra R's are pretty common wheels, but they are a GOOD LOOKING wheel thats why alot of people run em. Duh. Quit being buzz kills guys, the dude is excited about his new purchase and was just wanting to see some pics dang.
  10. Yeah... they might be played out here on the board. But I never see them around town. Then again... I just don't see many nice fox's in the first place. Maybe I'm just too old to know where all the kids hang out with there cool cars?

    No big deal... it's just people talking. Everyone MOSTLY agrees it's a nice rim and it's had good longevity.

    I like em'.... that's why I want a set.

    Hey.. 89Stang1, where did you get yours? Could you please fill in the sizes for me? Are those 17x9's? What tire sizes?

  11. It's funny, I was more excited when I was 16 and got my 17" Cobra Rs, then when I got my 18" DD Bullitts on the car a few years ago. Go figure!

  12. Yeah that's funny, you never see them around here either. It's like everyone got sick of seeing them and now you really only ever see them on the internet. I can only think of one fox local that i know of who has them, and Cincinnati is a serious fox hot spot. I'm sure there's tons out there, i just never see them. I used to be really hard on them for a while because i just got so tired of everyone having them but anymore i think i'd run a set myself if i found them for a good enough deal. If someone made '98 Cobras in 4 lug i'd be all over them, otherwise if i went 5 lug they're probably one of the first wheels i'd look into getting.
  13. Is there really that much of a difference look wise of the R's at 9" than at 8"?
  14. There is nothing else to say other than this is a "Classic Fox look". Perfect.
  15. Bad lighting, camera phone, it's rainy . . .but you get the idea!




  16. Hey.. 89Stang1, where did you get yours? Could you please fill in the sizes for me? Are those 17x9's? What tire sizes?


    95 Cobra R 17x8 bought 5 years ago at Latemodel Resto. 300 each,
    backs have Nitto 555R Drag radials on right now 275/40R-17 with quad shock still on, fronts have Falken FK 452 245/40 ZR17 cars also lowered heres shot with drag radials
  17. Played out for sure, but for the total cost of $75 after selling my even more played out ponys and including brand new tires, I'll can't complain.