~~Pictures of my weekend trip to the dunes~~

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  1. OMG what a blast!! This was my first time out on a quad.. fell the first time I tried to do a cookie.. HAHAHA.. only got stuck 5-6 times:rlaugh:

    I rode a 660 Raptor damn that was fast but there were ALOT faster ones out there!! I had heard of florence before but had never been !! Im hooked thats for sure...WOW... of course went to the casino sat night for an hour or so... :notnice:
  2. Sweet. That's a lot of fun. Looks like you had a great time.

    I keep debating between getting another quad or an old stang. The dunes can be a ****ing blast.
  3. Look's like fun. I'll have to try that some time.:cool:
  4. Nice weather for it. We were down at Seaside today, I kept seeing the signs for Tillamook (Sand lake dunes)... I felt like taking a small detour to get some riding in. Weather sucked today anyways. Looks like you had a decent group out there. Did you ride South Jetty?
  5. NOt sure what i was on... we went through some wicked trails... I think thats where we were?.. over the bridge and up the hill to the right... oddfellows campground... IT was a blast!!!
  6. Note to self must stay away:D Dang that looks like fun and its a perfect place to take a new 4wd truck and a quad..decisions decisions:nonono: :nice:
  7. You want a new quad. Just think about the fun you could have at Browns Camp and at the dunes. Lot's of fun Ed. :nice:
  8. dude! misha... go get a quad!!! we get a few more nw stangnet ppl with em or even dirtbikes and we can have meet down at sandlake! heres some pics from my vacation down at winchester bay lastyear (20min from florence)

    Banshee hill: pictures just dont do justice to how steep it really is

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  9. Get a lift and some Baja claws for the truck. What about the new R1, Ed? Your list is growing!
  10. Naw the truck is just to get me there, so the claws and lift kit arent neccesary ,but the quad would be:nice: as far as the list, like I said decisions decisions. Unfornately it cant be both:(
  11. Wow what a view:jaw: the sky looks Bright Atlantic blue:D .... Btw nice Quad:hail2: :nice:

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  12. thanks :D they do have a *special edition* Yfz and raptor 700r thats what color? oh yea... its yellow :p :shrug: :flag: :eek: :eek: :D
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  13. I hate you:p J/K.... No seriously thats a awsome color, but my tastes have changed. I wonder if they have any in dark shadow grey..lol
  14. looks like you guys had a blast. ive gone down to winchester bay a few time with a buddie from school and hisprerunner its a blast till you hit a dune going 75 and flip it on its roof i think his poor ranger is mostly cage now and a lil bit of sheetmetal. i havent seen him in like 2 yeras casue he move to cali so he could be closer to the whole pre-runner/baja deal.
  15. they come in blue an white, and white and silver like mine, but you can allways change plastics(tons of different colors) and or grafics :D
  16. sn95gt- Whats done to your YFZ? Heres a picture of mine, just before the Woodland series started. Ive been to Florence, Sand Lake, and Winchester with it. Youre right, picture dont do justice for Banshee Hill. The YFZ climbs it so easy compared to the 400cc quads its amazing.


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  17. What do they sell for new, around 7ish:shrug: ?
  18. Thats a nice one to bro:nice: , dang you guys are killing me, now I really want one

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  19. sn98gt ;) and I dont have near that much done to it hehe I've only had it for 4 months, but so far I have a dubach racing header and pipe, pro design k&n kit with a prefilter and I took the lid off and rejetted it, pulls much harder now, and then some itp c series wheels with 8 paddle haulers for the rear and some fronts... thats about it. there will be more though :D
    yup the raptor 700r's and the Yfz's are the same price so its really what you want, raptors fuel injected so you dont have the f with the carb all the time or when you add stuff like a pipe, and its a torque monster... handles pretty good and rides really well for what it is, but it wont outhandle or accelerate a yfz :nice:

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  20. nice!! If Ed buys one, so will I. Just in time for me to move back!! What you think Ed?