~~Pictures of my weekend trip to the dunes~~

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  1. Eric and I just talked about this last night... if others had quads we would consider buying 2 for ourselves..
  2. That would great Jerry, maybe we can go down together and get a package deal:nice:
  3. If we all get one, were gonna have to call are group"Quad-Net":D :nice:
  4. do it! me and my g/f need someone to ride with... its gettin boring going by ourselves :(
    hehe I like it ed... we can have bumper stickers and everything! :nice:
  5. Damnit I miss going to the dunes. I kick myself for selling my last quad. I never rode it because I could never get my buddies to go and it just sat in the garage. If we get a bunch of us on here to quad-up we could really have some fun.

    We would have to hit North Bend for a long weekend and stay at the The Mill Casio and ride during the day and party at night.
  6. whatever you guys do... dont buy the aftermarket pipe and other little dodads from yamaha... there not that cheap and they dont make near the gains that other aftermarket companies do ;)
  7. Will you put a hitch on the Cobra and trailer them to the dunes? :rlaugh:
  8. hey now... my truck wasnt ready in time for our trip to winchester bay lastyear, so I threw a hitch on my g/f's focus and away we went... picture an 05 focus sedan, trunk and backseat full of a weeks worth of camping stuff... pulling a 14ft trailer with 2 quads, 6 gas cans 2 coolers and a bunch of other stuff :rlaugh: it was a site to see:D
  9. Fo sho....That would be cool...I am totally interested.
  10. Buy the quad before leaving Cali. That way you can take it out to Glamis before you head north. BTW when are you moving back?
  11. Misha - Don't even think about buying a quad until you talk to me...
  12. ok... hey i came in 9th out of 49 players on friday in longview..!!!!
  13. Schweet! We need to make a run to Spirit Mountain one of these weekends to try out one of their tourneys. Oops...gotta get back to work!
  14. Well, I've got two but only need one. I've got an '00 Banshee that I'm thinking about selling and I'd rather make someone I know a good deal than putting in on CL. I think I'll post it up in the NW Classifieds when I get home from work.
  15. I am shooting for June or july..:)
  16. Misha on a Banshee. That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
  17. HOLY CRAPOLA!!!! your still alive?

    Ready to race here in a month or so?
  18. I was thinking it may be more Eric's speed...
  19. Still alive - barely though. I've been getting my arse kicked regularly at the "new" job so I haven't had much time to play around with the car. Man, I just need to find a rich little hottie that'll let me quit my job and fund my poker habit.

    Since Misha's already taken I guess I'll have to keep looking though...
  20. I dont think she would help with your poker habit:p

    It would be like having Keith Richards help get someone off drugs