Pictures of your II's

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  1. Lets see your II

    Since I need some stuff for the DVD and have space Please post a picture of your car and make sure I have your name and a little info if possible. If you have any requests for music let me know and I can get er done.

    If you can't post a pic just email [email protected]


  2. I'm assuming you mean finished II's and not those that are in progress?

  3. I want every II even if it's not finished.
  4. This what you're looking for?


    There's my 78 Mach 1 302 stroked to 331, edelbrock cam intake and carb package ported heads and Dynomax headers

  5. did you try the stangnet free space gallery? :banana:
  6. My 78 Cobra II



  7. EDIT: Yep, my image-host is a peice of crap. So just use the homepage

    As for music:
    "Acid Rain" by Liquid Tension Experiment (no lyrics even)
    Other then that the only things that come to mind are Soilwork and In Flames because their fast and hard but with lots of melodies and hooks. ("Overload" and "Rejection Role" by Soilwork & "Trigger" by In Flames) but I don't know if that is the kind of vibe you're going for.
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  9. do you still have the pics of my car?
  10. Thanks for the pictures, I will use them all. Any suggestions for anything else you want on the DVD so far I have

    Short documentary on me and my car
    Pictures of II's set to foo fighters music
    History of the II in the works
  11. Yea, I'll use one of those thanks.
  12. Hah, find the nearest classic, grab a radio.. play we're not gonna take it in the background and whoop him and then close up on his facial expression when a II flies by him. . . don't forget to get the crying and kickin the car scene!

    Then.....go to the local ricer hangout ( autozone here ) and tape some carboard ground effects to your car so they accept you then show them who's boss to "Michael Jackson - Beat it" get the crying to daddy "Dad the car you bought me isnt fast! Go buy a getfast upgrade!"

    THEN!!! Pull up beside a fox. . .and just tell him that real mustangs have side scallops, no door posts, and no aftermarket ground effects :)

    And now you are the king of the car world. . . ! :) ( alright, its like 8AM im not awake! i swear! :) )
  13. question: what coffee do you drink?
  14. Coffee. . you mean chalk in liquid form :-\ I is too young fo' coffee !
  15. Never to young for coffee. but if you have that energy without coffee you must be off the wall :rlaugh:
  16. i can't figure out how to post pics any more!! When i click on the image tag, it doesn't do anything!

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  17. hehe that rocks! Permission to use the "real mustangs have side scallops line"?

    Oh and II crazy you can have any of the pics of my car off of my cardomain page, theres a link in the profile and all my car information is on there as well. Feel free. :D