Piece of sh_t mustangs.

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  1. And ??

    Mustangs should have better quality control when it comes to paint.

    I have paint issue with the 07 already with only 1000 miles on it !!

    You are so right, a $30K should come with lousy paint. Heck the paint will be off the car before I pay off. :nonono: Way to go Ford !!

    But what do know, I have a 1978 F250 with paint still on the bed :rolleyes:
  2. Your right, Ford's are still a POS in many ways. Ford should be the best and stand behind the product. (they don't at all)

    I own them and drive them because Ford's are little better (not much) when it comes to domestic's.

    I don't think its asking much for paint to last 10 years................
  3. ^SOLUTION - if you hate the paint enough ot talk about it all day.....dont buy a ford. My car is 10 years old and the paint itself is flawless, it's all on how you take care of it. Based on how many cars you've had and them all having crappy paint, maybe you should take care of em
  4. again, stop buying fords and gtfo
  5. My car has alot of problems so i'm always working on it... but i hate to say that most of them have been because of me being stupid

    Engine was knocking after i put on new intake = i dropped a torx bit in the intake and it blew a hole in the piston and shoved it into the head...

    Wheel went flying off the rear= i didnt put longer studs in when i put spacers in..

    brand new alternator went bad= I dropped it on the ground and broke it

    lots of wiring problems=all my fault

    T-lock went out (nott really my fault)

    broken wheel in half on a curb because my t-lock went out and i couldnt spin a good doughnut, oh and a bent axle/ caliper and rotor (my fault)

    heater core went out = my fault because i put a heater hose on without a restrictor in it

    exhause broke off because my h pipe hangs down too far

    chasing leaks on a monthly basis(some of my fault)..

    i think that the mustangs are good cars.. i beat the hell out of mine and it keeps on tickin unless something stupid that i inflict happends.. but all in all good cars...

    my honda on the other hand is a differant story... its always broken.. just a good thing that its never broken at the same time as the stang lol

  6. You are so right !!

    Taking care of paint keeps it from falling off. Thanks for the life lesson dad.
  7. +1

    This thread isn't about paint anyway, and if i wanted to listen to people call Fords junk, i wouldn't be here.
  8. Oh yeah.. I completely forgot about the other stuff.

    Both 00 GT's cracked the intakes

    The headlights are ALL hazed over and look like complete sh_t.

    The third brake lights ALL look like they've been beaten with 40grit sandpaper.

    The pressure washer literally *blew* the paint right off the sidescoops off my car and the paint is just breaking and flaking off along the top of the doors/rear quarter panels.

    My convertible top has lost 90% of the threads holding it together, the glue holding the back glass in is failing and when it rains the interior floods and soaks the carpet.

    Hm.. what else? And you can ask anyone, I take good care of my car. It's just falling apart on me. I used to wash it every other day and keep it immaculate, but when things just start falling off you kind of lose hope.

  9. ya. looks great in the shade. go take some direct sunlight pics :rlaugh: bet it looks totally different :rlaugh:

    i'll never buy a Ford again. Im trading the GT in for a GTO, BMW, Toyota Tundra or Maxima in the spring.

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  10. here is a list of Fords that i've owned.

    1986 V6 ranger. had over 100,000 miles on it and started right up in freezing weather. it died after my brother got it and drove 10,000+ miles without an oil change.

    1998 ZX2 - had it for 2 years, not one problem.

    1999 Mustang GT. i've had it over 7 years 32,000+ miles. it's pushing twice the stock horsepower and the only thing that has broken on it is the crank gear for the timing gear. and that was due to the power increase. i beat on the car too. it has the stock tranny, rear end, head assembly, and non-aluminum crossover intake.

    2001 Focus ZX3 - had the hatch lock replaced and a sensor went bad. both fixed under warranty.

    2004 Focus ZX3 SVT - no problems and i beat the piss out of it daily.
  11. I think newer Fords are, in fact, built to a higher quality standard.

    I also think it does not hurt anything for us to complain about the irritating problems we have with our Mustangs... :shrug:

    Even if it broke down every month I would still want to drive this:
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  12. wow what a coincidence!
  13. :shrug: Yea no **** im sure it does look different in the sun whats your point

    THEN GET THE **** OUT!
  14. direct sunlight shows imperfections. EVERY cars paint looks great in the garage or shade. if the paint looks that good in the sunlight, i'll gladly stfu. Ford paint is cheap with thin coats and horrible clear coating. :notnice:

    :sleep: :sleep:
  15. Thats how I feel. I may have had a ton of other cars from domestic to foreign, but you know what my favorite car has been since i was about 5 years old, good ole american Ford Mustang.

    Mustangs might have their problems and its fun to **** sometimes but, i have yet to own a car that everytime i walk away from it, whether at work, the mall, or stores, I turn back at least 3 times to stare at it and admire it and think, wow, what a fuggin nice car.
  16. Wow, a bad luck/good luck thread. Pretty cool.

    I've had 2 late model mustangs (02 V6 and 03 GT) and I haven't had any of the transmission/intake manifold/IAC/etc problems I hear you guys complain about all the time. Pretty cool huh?

    A few questions though...
    1) Whats with the transmission? Does for order all the parts separately and assemble them, or order them complete in bulk from Tremec? I would think the problem would lie with Trememc if they operated incorrectly. I don't know though.
    2) Similar question, about the paint. Who makes the paint? Does Ford employ a team of chemical engineers for the molecular design of their paint chemicals? Or do you think they order generic chemicals and mix them?
  17. Every car and auto manufacturer has issues and you can't make everyone happy. I have to admit i've owned my Mustang for 10 years and the only thing i've had to replace is the IAC prematurely...everything else i've fixed or replaced was due to age and routine maintence ie: vert top etc...and people who buy verts should know they need to be redone every 7-8 years anyway.
    I've been selling cars for over 4 years and i hear people complain about every make and model imaginable so its not just Ford. Its a machine with moving parts...all moving parts eventually wear out and need to be replaced...BEAT ON THOSE MOVING PARTS AND EXPECT FAILURE AT A HIGHER RATE!!!. Its just common sense.
  18. My stang has 122,xxx miles and still runs great..
  19. You complain like you just drive a completly stock Mustang but then you look at your sig and there is a pic of your car lined up at the track with a list of mods and times for NO2 runs...What am I missing here? You have a 6 year old car that has seen some signifcant track time. I'm betting the street time is pretty rough also. There are plenty of imports here that see mods and the track and they are no less likely to break that my Mustang. On the other hand the cars that are just driven leisurely are doing fine..import and domestic.

    Point is you have to pay to play...parts break and wear faster when you play. Appearance factors are not what I consider a problem especially when the car has a little age on it. No car is immune from those problems.
  20. It must be a mineral grey thing.:D

    I've not had one major problem other than the T3650 2nd gear grind when extremely cold. I live in Georgia now so that is no longer a problem. When I was up North, I parked it for the winter anyways.

    Another thing to consider is that the Mustang is a bargain when compared to other cars. The reliability of a Honda Civic cannot be compared to a Mustang. The Mustang has much more power to handle on it's components and chassis and doesn't have 90 ft lbs of torque.:D. It's still one of the best performers for the dollar. Hell, a V6 Stang is a better bang for your performance buck than a damn Civic.