Piece of sh_t mustangs.

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  1. If you read my first post, you would see that 'pay to play' is the entire point of this thread. Just moreso with Mustangs. Stuff was blowing up before it even saw any real 'abuse'.

    Anyway, even with all the stuff going wrong.. I cant think of another car I'd rather spend my money on. You could give me a brand new Lexus and I'd just be waiting to drive the Mustang again the entire time.
  2. Man, you guys must freegin treat your cars like absolute crap in terms of maintenance.

    I put my GT through heck...hundereds and hundreds of 6200+RPM shifts. 30-40 runs at the track, with about 15 on DRs.
    I go WOT about 2-3 times everytime I drive it.


    BUT my oil is changed every 3K miles, and all fluids checked pretty regularly. Im betting most of you are like that guy SVT has mentioned in the past...buys the car (GT mustang) new and drives it 22,000 miles with NO oil change. Engine blows and then he brings it back to Ford mad as heck and starts dissing Ford saying that he will never buy a Ford again.
    I dont see how you guys have so many problems...
  3. Uh, I think you forgot to mention that you and your dad are both expert mechanics and keep the car in top running condition with tons of upgrades... :rlaugh: Just a small detail :SNSign:
  4. True, I probably replaced every part that would have ever broken :rlaugh:
  5. I've had numerous American cars and Rice Burners. The biggest POS i've ever owned was a Rice Burner.
    87 Mustang 5.0 LX 143K when I sold.. Only ever replaced alternator
    86 Pontiac Sunbird 101K when sold.. No problems
    89 Chrysler LeBaron 2.5ltr 146K basic oil consumption and leaks
    89 Dodge Omni RIP at 201K
    90 Eagle Talon TSI AWD/Turbo BIGGEST TURD I'VE EVER OWNED!!!! multiple new valve covers, timing belts, heads, pistons w/new rings, alternator, belts
    91 Escort Pony 124K only ever replaced starter
    97 Honda Civic 88K sold w/electrical issues after I was rearended and pushed into the back of another car.
    00 LS 83K and going strong now
    00 Mustang GT no issues yet
    95 Chevy Beretta 3100 v6 163K and tranny went bad when I sold.
    I'd say almost all the American cars i've owned have been pretty damn good cars.
  6. my 01 vert had zero problems except for that busted rear end :(

  7. your car is also a 04 so if your car had all kinds of problems then it would be for sure that fords quality is bad.

    if you beat a car its bound to have problems and thats why i didnt complain when i blew my t-45...just wish it was as cheap as a honda to fix and as fast but then again its a way smaller tranny in a honda.
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: i thought i was thhe only one that turns around and stares at my car while walking backwards after i get out of my car
  9. +100000000000000000000

  10. not to mention washing your car with a pressure washer isnt the smartest idea to begine with no **** your paint is peeling off
  11. well... A week after I bought the mustang the intake went on it... and three years later the only thing that actually "broke" was the voltage regulator on the alternator.. I replaced a few worn parts that weren't broken (waterpump left drops of water every few days, and seals and bearings in the rear)... but with 120 km's on the ticker... I can't complain... The previous owner had nothing replaced since new. I'm happy with the quality I got.
  12. I know plenty of people with Honda's that break all the time .
  13. Over the years I have worked on many different types of cars and most ford models are pretty damm good cars. The windstar was a peice of junk but other than that they are not that bad.

    as far as the imports are so much better and never break, if that is the case then WHY do all my friends that work on Hondas and Toyotas blow me away in income when they are making 10 dollars less per flat rate hour than I do. Toyota techs turn so many hours a week the toyota dealers don't want to pay more than 16-18 bucks a hour, hell if they paid what top rate ford techs get paid then the toyota techs would all own million dollar homes and out earn the dealer mangement. One guy I know is a nissan tech and he turns 100-120 hours a week working 5 days, he laughs at my paychecks. Sometimes I think it might be worth it to forget that I am a ford master tech and start over again on toyotas, hell I was retarded to leave toyota 10 years ago.

    The reason why they earn more is Honda and toyotas do break if not as often nearly as often and the people that own them will put money into them.
  14. Well I think I may have posted this before, but here's my 2 cents..
    My 1987 Accord gave me more grief and left me stranded several times in the 2 years I owned it. I should have taken the hint when immediately after I bought it, every hose in the engine compartment blew out. (1st time it stranded me.) Then it wouldn't pass DEQ. Then the headlights froze in the open position. (They were pop-ups.) Then the power antenna froze. Then the instruments all stopped working. Then the transmission detonated so bad the car couldn't even get into neutral to be towed; they had to push it onto a flatbed truck. (2nd time it stranded me.) Then black & blue smoke cam out the exhaust, and oil drenched the AIR FILTER?!?!? :shrug: Then after the 3rd time it stranded me, the Honda dealer told me the engine was F****D, and I needed a new engine. That's when I slapped a for sale sign in the window, bent over, and took a $5000 raping just to get rid of it. The sad thing is, compared to some other import-owning friends I have, I got off easy. That one Accord cost me far, far more than the 5 Fords I had before it COMBINED. (1985 Tempo, 1991 Escort GT, 1988 Mustang GT, 1990 Mercury Topaz, 1989 Escort GT.) I never, ever abused or raced that Accord in any way. Yes, the Accord was mid-to-high mileage, but so were all the Fords I listed.

    So after that, I rode the bus for 2 years while I recovered from the financial damage the Honda caused me. Not just the car balance, but the loans I took out for the new transmission and other repairs. I couldn't take it any more so I bought my '98 V6 Mustang, which I still have. Funny thing is, now I am PRAYING for my 3.8 to die so I can immediately swap in a V8, but darn it, even though it's well over 100,000 and I beat it half to death on a regular basis, it still runs smoother and better than some new GM cars I have driven. No leaks, no blown head gaskets, no nothing. Guess how many times in 6 1/2 years of regular daily thrashing driving this 3.8 has left me stranded??


    So you all can post FORD SUCKS all you want, I know it just ain't true, and that's all there is to it. Have a nice day! :) :p
  15. I've always had good luck with Fords

    My first was an 86 2.3l LX notch 4 banger....drove the ever-loving piss out of it....never changed the oil from 80,000 kms to 160,000 kms....seriously....and it never let me down

    I've babied my last two fords (94 Ranger and 2000 Stang), and when you baby them, they don't break

    FWIW....growing up, in the garage, my Dad had a 1962 Bentley, parked beside a 1972 Mercedes 280SE.....and on the driveway was a 1972 Pinto Runabout

    when you asked him which car was the best....he said the Pinto....it would start in any weather condition....it never left him stranded....it was cheap to maintain and run....and he wasn't afraid to park it anywhere:shrug:
  16. I guess I have been pretty fortunate with my Mustangs...:shrug: I am on my third 4.6l Mustang previously a 96 Cobra, 01 Bullitt, and now my 00 GT. How many times has one of them stranded me someplace...ZERO. I agree that they have there problems but I have had extremely good luck with mine and I am like hotmustang in the fact that every time I get in my car you can figure on a couple of redline shifts. Come to think of it, other than some grinding from 1st to 2nd in my Cobra and the Trac Control Button going out in my current GT I have had Zero problems knock on wood.
  17. Why did you switch from a Bullitt to a regular GT? :scratch:
  18. i'm on my 8th mustang. the only part failure in ANY of them has been the distributor in my '95 gt. never stranded, just started acting funny.

    sorry, i'm not buying the reliability thing.
  19. I can't say my Mustang has never left me stranded. Once when my alternator crapped out and the other when I broke a shift fork racing an SRT-4.:D
  20. I just had my Mustang towed last weekend because of a stuck thermostat. Good thing I did not come into this thread right after that happened...