Piece of sh_t mustangs.

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  1. My Mustangs have been the most reliable vehicles in my family.

    Here's my list of breakdown/repairs between both my Mustangs. Routine maintainence issues excluded

    '88 5.0 (owned for 7 years)
    '03 GT (owned for 3 years)

    Waterpump on 5.0 let go at 97K miles when pulling into driveway. Cost $40 to fix in less than 2 hours

    That's it really. 10 years of combined ownership and a $40 waterpump failure is the only time either has let me down. My '03 has never been in for warranty work and when the warranty was about to expire, someone told me to bring it in and have stupid things fixed....except I had nothing to fix at all.
  2. Drill a small hole in it and that won't leave you stranded.
  3. Ford installed a new one but thanks for the tip. If I am ever in there I will either do that or get one of the kinds that fails open. Its a **** to get the air out of the Cobra cooling system though so I probably will not mess with it unless I have to...

  4. My stang has 90k and the paint is beautiful. I wish the aftermarket hood and spoiler I added had paint as nice as the factory parts. I could shave in the reflection. I have taken great care of it though. Any paint that can go almost 11 years and still look like glass is great paint imo.

    I recently bought a chevy colorado (black) which does have really ****ty paint. Old carpet i had piled in the bed actually scratched the heck out of the bed and around the rear window. If it gets scratched it will most likely go right throught the primer.

    I think the EPA has a lot to do with thinner "harder" paint these days which chips easier and in many cases goes to bare metal due to being thin.
  5. I can't say anything about the paint quality. Mine is peeling all over the damn place.
  6. Well, I can't complain... my car will be 7 years old in Jan (tho it only has 38,000 miles on it), and so far, the only real problem I had was the starter went 3 days after I bought it (used, 2 years ago). But I do have to say, the motor went on my 94 GT at 70,000 miles. I knew even less about cars then than I do now, and ended up just selling it instead of fixing it. I didn't really beat on that car at all, but I drive this one like I stole it, and it's held up pretty well...:nice:
  7. I drive mine extremely hard. At 38k only problem is a loose headliner.

    Oh and my car creaks like a b*tch.
  8. Just playing, I LOVE my Stangs..........

    They just PISMO like all woman out there.

    I buy for love, why does Stangs cheat on me ???????