Pilot Bearing/throwout Bearing/body Control Mod. Help Please?

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  1. Okay, so, on my 05 GT I'm hearing a grinding noise coming from my clutch, or moreover from in FRONT of my clutch. It's only happening mostly in first second and third gears, when I have the car IN gear. Depressing the clutch quiets it but it only truly stops when popped out into neutral. I have a suspicion it's a pilot bearing, but it could be both pilot and throwout. It's a rhythmic noise that appears to be in time with something spinning… I dunno what it is at this point. ALSO - half my instrument gauge is dead, only thing I have is mph and rpm. Battery needle is spinning pointing at whatever it feels like, fuel needle is buried in E, no clue how hot the engine is running, or where my oil level is. Is the body control module out..?
  2. How many miles are on the car, Red Dragon?
    It sounds like clutch wear. Probably the throwout. Mine makes a clicking noise at idle when cold, and it needs a new clutch at 150,000 miles. The transmissions are pretty reliable if they haven't been abused. On the guages, the stepper motors that drive each guage fail one by one, It's congenital, but there's an ebay guy in Texas that will fix them. Mine work fine since I've had them repaired. You have to pop the guages out, it's easy, and mail them to the guy. The car will run without the guages.
    Good luck.
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  3. She's got 130,700 miles on her… I'm afraid it is the throwout. This tranny has been put through hell and back, the previous owners were using this car to basically be a street racer without illegal parts, and hard shifting/gear grinding were all happening. and oh yeah, they'll run without them. Lol, I don't even use them right now.. I have the digital readout that tells me how many miles I have left until empty and thats all I know!
  4. Brave man, Red Dragon: Search "guage cluster repair" on Ebay. There's a dude in Texas who'll do it for about $90. Best 90 I ever spent.
  5. Thank you for the metaphorical phrase, seeing as I am female. :D But yeah, I'll check that guy in Texas out soon, getting new Falkens on the car tomorrow with rotation, balancing, stem checks and a front axle alignment. Also gonna have them check out that bearing more closely, probably just go ahead and replace it. Ugh, money money money!!
  6. Brave girl, Red Dragon: My apologies for the gender misshap. Keep your guard up at the shop. The car has to be taken apart...exhaust, starter, drive shaft...to replace the clutch. Replace the rear oil seal, pilot bearing and maybe the transmission front and rear seals too. Shop it and don't let them overcharge you. Good luck.
  7. I've been going to this guy since I could (not quite legally) drive. My dad would have me take the old farm vehicles up to him. I trust him and have hung out with his family and kids more than once, he's like family.