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  1. i just saw the episode of pimp my ride with the 67 mustang in it tonight. although there were things in it that i wouldnt have done (i.e. the painted sky headliner) i think overall it turned out a pretty sweet car. even the blingin' rims. what did you guys/girls think?
  2. I just didn't like the rims
  3. rims werent too bad, not my first choice, but i'd take it. my only complaint really would be the head liner, not my style at all. but a pretty good job by West Coast customs considering the shape of the stang before hand.
  4. rims were pimpin for a ghetto ryde! holluh!
  5. While West Coast Customs can do some amazing work, they are more geared toward A/V equipment installs, and I haven't seen a single episode where they even touch the engine.

    Pretty much they are a stereo install shop.

    As far as the Mustang went, I hated the head liner and the rims.

    Just goes to show you what people with no taste can actually accomplish. :notnice:

  6. A stereo install shop???? Come on now give them the credit they deserve, take any one of Shaq's cars or even any of the Lakers which are all done by either west coast customs or 310 motoring, and tell me they just do stereo's :notnice: They do what owners want them to do and I hate to break it to you guys but...(whisper) not everyone is conserned with speed :shrug: But anyways yes I did see the show I thought the stuff they did was pretty creative but I didn't really like the rims but that's about it I think. Sure I may not have liked the headliner sky theme but the owners a surfer girl and she can appreciate that so I understand the logic.
  7. But in the one shot of the Mustang with the hood up I spied some pretty chrome parts here and there and doubt seriously the car came in with them given it's overall POS condition.
  8. I would hope that they do some sort of tune up work on the engines that they don't show. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those cars fell apart after a few weeks.
  9. They probably do perform some kind of tune-up but let's face it MTV viewers, or atleast the majority of t hem don't care for that. They want to see bling bling and tv screens.
  10. You guys actually watch "Steal my Ride?"
  11. I just watched that one episode.

    The best reality car show is Barret Jackson Car Search. :nice:
  12. no no no you have that confused with the TLC (i think) show called OverHaulin' i havent seen it yet but it looks good. they go to these peoples house and "steal" their car and fix it up like MTV does however they show some of the engine work they do i think. the best part of the show is that the person actually thinks their ride is stolen and when they call to report it the cops are in on it and everything.
  13. What I didn't like was how they just covered up some of that rust in the floorboard instead of cutting it all out and putting a new floor piece in. I loved the paint color. I wonder how someone could find out what color that was? Also the seats were cool the way they looked like the originals but the front headrests were so modern. It needed a luggage rack for the surfboard. She is going to bash that thing into it in a couple of weeks. :(
    Those guys couldn't make a show if you told them they couldn't put in a DVD screen. :p
  14. Nah, I called it "Steal my Ride" because I'm pretty sure that no more than a week later, their rides will be stolen. Thieves probably just watch the show and see where the people live, go to their house and jack the car. That show is like "Hey, look at my POS with all this new stuff on it that costs a lot of money! Hey, look where I live! Hey, look at exactly what security system is on the car!"

  15. :lol: :rlaugh: How true!!!
  16. yeah or the barret jackson car auction i saw a shelby gt 5000 go over a million on there i think
  17. I thought the car turned out nice! They did a great job :nice:
  18. the cars on there were junk to begin with.......because the people treated them like crap

    you think if you take somebody's piece of crap......redo it with a bunch of ghetto thug hardware and give it back, that they're gonna take care of it????? All they're gonna do is watch **** DVD's in the headliner and give their friends rides, all the while trashing the car to it's original condition
  19. There is an hour long show that is on TLC called rides, and it is all about the 310 shop, and the custom work that they do. Yes they do a lot of A/V but there were a lot of talk about the many performace modifications that they have also done, I give those guys a lot of credit. But the show that is on mtv is going to be geared towards a/v because what do you expect from the music television channel. You know that they do performance modifications and tune ups to the cars on "pimp my ride" simply because they are such a well known shop they would not want their reputation to be lowered whatsoever.