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  1. theres a show on speed chennel like custom tuner thing that show is so gay they put like a chip and graffics packadge on a car and there like "wow it's so fast!"
  2. Ok, I watch and enjoy all three shows, and here are my opinions on them...

    Pimp My Ride - Starting to get predictable. Ok, we're gonna add giovanni custom wheels, a clarion system, and viper security. I however hated how they took that one kids truck who ironically hauls car parts for other vehicles, and put all that **** in the bed. Yeah, you can take the ping pong table out, but what about everything else? Hows he suppost to haul stuff now? If he tries, he'll stratch up everything.

    Rides - The...narrator...talks...real...slow, and often repeats things said 20 minutes ago. But theyre gonna film the 40th mustang aniversary, 2005 mustang, and TX celebration, so its cool, when the new episodes are shown

    Overhaul - I dont like seeing people cry. And I dont like people who like watching people cry. Which is why A LOT of people like the show. Its kinda like Punk'd "Ha, ha, you suck! you aint got a ride no more! Someone stole it!" They dont watch it to see the car get fixed up, they watch it for the same reason people watch american idol. "Ha ha, you suck!"

    Over all, I like what they do to each vehicle, though those 80s granny mobiles always look like a pimp mobile, which I guess was the point of calling it "Pimp My Ride, but the other cars rocked. Though owning a $1000 car with $20k in it kinda scares me.

    However, pay attention to the vehicles in the background of each episode. Thats right, West Coast Customs does a lot of TV shows, a car from one show can easily be seen in another. With all these shows, how to they have time to actually work on other peoples rides?
  3. I'm pretty sure at the beginning of this episode the girl mentioned taking auto shop so she could work on the engine.

    For the most part though, I don't think I've seen a single thing done to any of them engne wise. If you catch the episode where they put Lamborghini doors on a Civic (I think), you catch a glimpse of an air filter going in, but that's about it
  4. I know this is an old post, but have anyone seen the episode referenced here?
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  5. 7 years? Quite alright.

    How old is that article? Doesn't seem to have a publishing date. All these shows have been canceled for years, though may still be reran under syndication.

    I don't recall ever seeing such an episode. In fact, the way PMR works is that when selected, they show up at the doorstep unannounced (although I suspect this to be a lie) and surprise the owner. They then pick up the "POS ride" as well as show a brief interview of the OWNER explaining why their car needs to be "pimped." The owner always knows where the car went.

    On Overhaulin, they somehow don't need the owners permission and just take it. Although I remember in the last season they no longer tricked them into believing the car was stolen. They may play with "the mark" for a few minutes in the beginning, but they know who took the car before anything gets done.

    I am believing that the article is a lie.
  6. Yeah, google found the thread for me while googling pimp my ride mustang ;)

    I searched through imdb and tvrage, so I know it's not in season 1-5, and most likely not in the sixth. However, if this occured (this is a longshot), could it have been the reason for ending the show? I'd love to see the episode even knowing that they thrashed the car...