Pinewood Derby Results...State Finals.

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  1. Well, MIXED results. My Daughter got 2nd overall in design. My nephew was in speed, and lost the 3rd place race by 1/2". What sucked about that was he got there with his dad BEFORE me, and turned in the damn car before I got there, and the car went with NO lubrication (cannot touch it once it is turned in) He would NOT have won first, because the winner was awesome. However, he could have gotten 2 or 3.

    Here are some pics:

    Daughter on stage getting 2 place trophy:

    Here is the car again:

    Silver car was First in was third (b/t the 3 cars, couldve gone either way:


    Here are 3 cars for demo that an older guy made over the years:

    The number 8 car was the Speed winner...I knew it as soon as I saw it...the weight is ALL in the back, and the wheels are paper thin:

    Enjoy...Im already planning for next year!!
  2. some of them things are huge how are they legal? don't they have to stick with the little block of wood like the one in the kit
  3. Congrats! The red pacer looking thing in that guys demo is pretty wicked.
  4. Their rules state that you have to have the base of the original block of wood. You ARE allowed to add another block and trim it from there, or add platic, metal etc.

    they inspect the bottom to make sure it is wood at the base.

    As long as the dimensions of EACH side do not exceed the max (they place the cars in a box to make sure) it's ok.

    Nik...that is not a Pacer...looks like it from the pic. That car, along with that wooden one are REALLY glossy.

    Next year, Im gonna do something similar to the red car, except put a chromed engine on top of the car, and then buy a car model, and use all the lights and some of the other decor to glue on it.

  5. Dang nice RC. I still think you should make one that looks like your car. That would be sick!!

  6. congrats again RC.
  7. I might have (and would still consider it) but I had to make 4 cars this year...If I only had to do one, it would be different.

    My Season Results:

    1- Local 1st-Speed
    1- Local 3rd-Speed
    1- Local 6th-Speed
    2- Local 1st-Design
    1- State 2nd-Design.

    Not too bad, to go with the 4- local event trophies from last year.