Pinging... Finally Gone !!!

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  1. Bought one today for $13 at Autozone. I'm gonna swap mine out and clean my MAF with electronics cleaner in about an hour....
  2. Well I replaced my ACT sensor and cleaned my MAF with electronics cleaner. I forgot to unhook the battery, went out and it was only mildly better. I left it unhooked all last night and tried again this morning. It felt a lot better. I can't say for sure that all of the pinging was gone but most of it was and it felt zippier. Then again, it doesn't ALWAYS ping so it may just be one of those times where it's cooperating. Next I'm gonna try the ECT and maybe the IAC to try and fix my fake cam idle.
  3. I replaced mine last week. I drove it for about 15 mins, never really getting into it and didn't see much of a difference. The car is in the bodyshop so I'll have to wait another week before I can see if the computer adjusted to it or not.
  4. Anyone replaced the ECT yet? I'm having trouble getting mine back in.
  5. Can any tell me how the act is suppose to fit in a 92 5.0? Should the ACT "U" shaped opening:
    1. face the firewall
    2. up towards the hood?
  6. its in the #5 runner isnt it? you need the open area to point to the direction the air is coming towards the passenger side or something like that
  7. The ATC screws into the lower intake manifold. Just picture the direction of airflow in the intake runner and face the U-shaped part so that the air flows through it and over the thermistor. It should be pretty much up and down
  8. I Have same problem ,when I bought my car before 7 months or 9000 miles , I use to have pining when I down shift from 5th in 3rd and hit WOT , now I have pining when I lounch hard in 1st ,2nd , and 3rd with WOT , and that noice like trtrtrttrtrtrtr coming , I thing from heders , because hood is close so I can't hear , BUT I drive 97 Renger 2.3L on job and that truck have pining noise coming from top of HEADS , any way I gonna try change ACT tomorow on my Stang
  9. Went to ford to get an ACT, IAT, and ECT sensor, they tell me ACT doesn't exist.. since I don't have my shop manuals on me now (at home) what is the IAT !?
  10. Where you buy resistor ???
  11. radioshack. take the part number he listed to radioshack, and its a 22k ohm resistor pack
  12. OK , I find that on cost $1 BUT , What resistor is the best for ours cars (for racing and normal driving) , 22k ohms , 22 ohms, 33 ohms,1 0ohms,10k ohms,15 ohms ,47k ohms or what ever
  13. Today I bougt those resistors , I unplug battery 2 ours , I put resistor and plug again battery , car works fine EXCEPT when car is warm or hot and I turn off car than I start again and try rev up little bit , but engine is like rrrmm rrrmm , supposed be rrrrrmmmmm rrrrmmmmm , after 15 second I can rev up good , this is my old problem old few months, so maybe I have to change ECT , I think when I can't rev up good , PCM don't give enough fuel in motor , Maybe , what you think

    I have one video clip about that problem with reving up , But I must put video on server , maybe tomorow I gonna post that video
  14. I read your story on "Pinging Gone", I also have a pinging problem. I replaced my ACT, So far its helped , but it hasnt been that hot outside, so I going to really test it when it warms up.
  15. Those 22k resistors is NOT GOOD , on cold weather on cold stars my engine runn bad veay bad but after few minutes when is engine little warm up everything is fine, so I put pluged back on old IAT , and no more problems with cold start
  16. thank you so much for your information on "Pinging". today i changed my sensors (the act,temp sensor ) and the pinging went away. now all i need to do is adjust my timing. i have a 94gt with shorty headers and a h-pipe with flowmaster mufflers. and a K&N conical air filter. thats all i have done to the car and it runs reat with 88000+ miles on it. thank you :)
  17. Weird...I fought the pinging for years....4 to be exact and never could get it to go away, no matter what i did...although post concerning the sensors weren't posted.... :shrug:
    Anyway...i switch H/C and its gone....I can't make the freakin thing ping...don't know why it helped, but its gone for good since the swap....i ran 18deg on a dyno run and the freakin thing didn't ping??? I dont get it, but i like it...Pinging is the scurge of the SN95...least for some of them....
  18. Seriously, the more I think about it, the more I suspect our heads are the cause. I can't wait to change them out! For anything that isn't an E7TE. :bang:

    There's obviously some kind of design flaw in our car SOMEWHERE that is cuasing it. NO car should have that problem if properly maintained, but my car does it and I keep up on it like mad. If a nice aluminum radiator doesn't help me, I'm swapping the damn heads!! I'll even settle for some iron gt-40's over the stockers.
  19. MLC Stang, great info. I have the Probst book too, and recommend it to everyone fixing a Mustang. I wish I could put up the pages people need and let them see how useful good info is. Bravo man, great work. Someday I will learn to use my PC better. :nice:
  20. Are there equivalent part numbers for my 91?

    ACT sensor: F32Z-12A697-C (2003 list price $49.27)
    ECT sensor: F2AZ-12A648-A (2002 list price ~ $45.00)

    thanks a ton.