Pinging... Finally Gone !!!

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  1. hey, you're absolutely right its the heads, there is a theory on how efficient the head is translates into how much timing it can run.. as carbon builds up on the valves, increases compression and you have to reduce timing/increase fuel octane..

    my new heads (ported edelbrock aluminum) can run 16* timing on a J4J1 program with 87 octane and no pinging yet.. crazy !
  2. My car was pinging at anything above 9* so I replaced the ACT sensor and it did nothing. Today at the track I had the timing at 8* and it still pinged at 5 grand. Theres some really helpfull info in this tread but my problem is all while its like 65* outside so maybe my problem is different that you guys with the high temp pinging. Would changing the ECT sensor possibly help? Any suggestions?
  3. When I had rebuild my heads(new springs ,retainers,sleves,keepers ect. ,my mechanif use little hammer to hit top of valves a few times ( compression air was in chambers) so this can clean valve seats and stop pinging , I think
  4. I cleaned my MAF sensor the other day and this seemed to help tremendously with my ping issue. before i would ping on anything less than 93 with 12* timing, dropped to 89 for a couple tanks and it would ping on occassion, cleaned the maf, and no more ping, even driving hard on some warmer days ~80. dropped to 87 this last tank will see what happens
  5. Everyone should keep eachother updated on their experiences with pinging. Could a vacume leak say around the PCV valve cause pinging?
  6. My car started pinging last summer. I ran 91 and some octane boost and that helped but it started again when I stopped running octane booster. On a couple of the nice days over winter when I drove it I noticed it was still pinging only at 4K-4.5K+ rpms. After I saw this thread a couple weeks ago I changed my ACT($15 at Advance Auto)...Havn't had a problem since :D. Still running 16* timing and 91 with no octane boost :nice:.

    Now my 4.0L 94 Explorer....thats another story..Almost constant pinging :notnice:. I've been using 87 octane because its not much better with 89...havn't tried 91 or any octane boost....Any suggestions?
  7. "Are there equivalent part numbers for my 91?"

    Well I happen to be at work right now so I'll help you out on that.

    for a 91 5.0 your numbers are:
    ACT Sensor: F2DZ-12A697-A
    ECT Sensor: F2AZ-12A648-A (same as 94-95s)

    Prices are about the same. It sure is great getting to buy them with my discount, I'm only paying around $24 each!
  8. Just go to your auto parts store and they will be able to give you what you are looking for. All they need is your year/make/model/style
  9. This thread is just too applicable to all 94/95 5.0 l

    Bumpity Bump!

  10. This thread helped me with my '95. Changed the ECT and pinging was gone. My '94 however is not being as easy. ECT and the ACT did not help.
  11. Same here. I have changed the ECT/IAT/TPS/IAC/Fuel Filter/Cleaned MAF & Air filter/ran 2 cans of Sea Foam/etc.

    Still ping on 10* timing at 91 octane in 2/3/4 gear after 3500 rpm's.

    Fuel pressure is 28 w/ vacuum & 36 w/o vacuum.

    So, I am completely lost. I am going to try a new MAF just for the hell of it, seeing as I have replaced everything else.

    If a new MAF doesn't do the trick, then I might try to get my cc's "professionally cleaned". Everything else is right in spec.
  12. Two days ago I swap my staock heads for used TW heads , I cleaned those heads befor installation , right now it pinging like mofo, I cleane neww PRO-M 75mm MASS and ACT but still nothing, problem wasnt in cc because my is clean, broblem could me lean condition or something like that
  13. Pinging

    Thanks to the guy who wrote in detail some diagnostics and his trials/errors.

    I just changed my ACT sensor and for now appears to have cleared up most of the pinging. I may have to try a tank full of 93 octane to see if it totally clears up. WOT appears alot quieter now, with the slightest hint of a ping.

    Hats off to you man !
  14. My 91 used to ping at WOT in 2nd/3rd gear. Then I did the MAF swap from a 94/95, had the flange machined off so it fit in my car and the pinging was gone and the throttle response was alot better. the MAF from 87-93 SUCKS!