Pinion Angle help

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by tlea, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum and found it by the suspension tech articles given to me through J & M products. I have an 07 500 vert and have installed the J & M adj upper contol arm, lower control arms, adj panhard rod and lowering springs. My question is with pinion angle. Following the tech article by Bigcat it states,

    FACTORY TWO-PIECE DRIVE SHAFT: Use your magnetic angle finder and attach it to the FRONT drive shaft. Record the front drive shaft angle. Next, attach the angle finder to the pinion flange. Record the angle. Subtract the pinion flange angle front the front drive shaft angle to get your net pinion angle

    I think the word "front"used first in the last line is a typo and should be "from" but any way I am reading 4.4 degrees at the front driveshaft (rearward or downward toward the rear of car) I am attempting to read at the pinion angle because there really isn't a flat on the pinion flange I can attach to with the driveshaft installed but I am getting around 89.9 degrees. So based on the instructions I am getting -85.5 which is obviously not what I'm looking for (-2 is my understanding) Because the driveshaft and pinion flange are perpendicular should I be viewing this in reference to 90 degrees? In other words 90-85.5= 4.5 net?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. I think I figured it out by a different method. I ended up measuring vertically off the rear of bellhousing as perpendicular to transmission centerline then off the pinion flange as perpendicular to pinion centerline. I set rear 2 degrees more than the front which moves the front of pinion downward or -2
  3. The whole idea of setting pinion angle is to get the U-joints operating at the same deflection angle. Measurilng the bellhousing angle has nothing to do with the driveshaft angle. I think you need to start over using the front section driveshaft angle vs. the pinion angle.