pinion flange vs pinion end yoke


Jan 4, 2021
New Hampshire
Im sending off my 8.8 to get beefed up to 31 spline axles (5 lug woowoo) and 3.55 gears with a traction lok and the guy mentioned me supplying the yoke. That got me wondering, what is the difference between a pinion flange and a pinion yoke? like the pros and cons? Because from what little I can find, it seems as if people are saying that the yoke is stronger, but by how much? Secondly, if many people even use them, because I can't find much information out there on them and if they are worth it with power levels where mine could be. I'm at the very early stages of a project build, but should have around 480hp and 510ft/lbs at the end. I don't plan on tracking the car, MAYBE the drag strip once a year if that. I had bought a brand new Ford Performance pinion flange, and wondering if that will be fine or not...

Thanks everyone