Pink injectors?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by The Diesel, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. What color are the stock injectors on an 03 GT? I just bought a used 03 GT from ford and its got pink injectors.
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  3. So they ARE stock?
  4. my 02 has orange? bought it new.
  5. 03 and 04 have pink injectors stock, I've gotten grief from my friends about it :nonono:
  6. Yep, normal.
  7. Yup, stock is pink.

    My wife's 02 Expedition with the 4.6 had orange.

    I'd like to meed the Ford executive who thought it was o.k. to put PINK injectors on THE American MuscleCar.... :nonono:

  8. my 02 has pink ones, bought new, 12 miles.
  9. Pink injectors are 21lb and orange injectors are 19lb.
  10. I have pinkies on my '03
  11. paint em if you feel they detract from the masculine persona your car should be reflecting... then again more women own mustangs than men..... :(
  12. Yep thats normal!
  13. im the moron, i got confused on the argument, it used to be whether they were 24 lbs or 21... and...

    sorry. :bang: :bang: :bang:
  14. Harsh :(
  15. Agreed!
  16. Thank you!
    I just got a new 04 gt engine to put into my car, and they are pink...
    If they were bigger i would have to get a tune right away, so that piece of information made me sick to my stomach, because i spent ENOUGH on the engine, dont want to spend more on a stock tune...
    I hate it when ppl open their mouth when they're not sure of the bull they're about to let out... :nonono:

    I'm with numbnuts! :lol:
  18. Then why are they a differnt color?

    Injectors are usually color coded so why are these not?
  19. According to fiveomotorsports D9B-Ford Design II INJECTORS are direct replacments to 2002-2004 GT's, and these are 21lb injectors. I dont' know if they are right or not, :shrug: but I wouldn't jump in calling people morons unless you know the stock part number on the pink injectors. I've seen this argued many times, but I've never seen anybody come back with a part number to prove it one way or another.