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  1. Finally Nate Pretchard won on pinks. This is the 3rd time he's been on that I've seen. He first lost his yamaha, then he shows up with a chevy powered 86 olds cutlass and looses it . Today he had a 92 stang and ate up a 96 camero. He jumped on the last race as he did the first one, but they couldn't agree if he jumped or not, so they called it a draw. It's the first time he didn't have to walk home, he got to at least keep his car. He said the rocker arm came off and he bargined 2 car lengths. He destroyed the camero by 8, I think he's the king of sand baggers. He's getting close to actually winning another vehicle instead of giving his away. At least he smarted up and got a stang. Pinks is one of my favorte shows and just wanted to share. Also Nate's luck could be changing now that he's in a stang, "poor kid". That blue stang he would lanch, he about lost it in the first race when it got sideways. If I could get my 07 Gt to launch like that, I might concider giving it away on pinks or winning a chavy hee hee.
  2. i love how it seems every episode they argue over the arm drop.
  3. Yeah, like it's complicated to figure out or something. You would think it wouldn't be as easy to red light, but they still catch guy's jumping the arm drop. Nate jumped twice this morning looking for an edge like he needed it. Even with the arm drop you still need a good reaction time. Camera's catch everything. It's a great show, it gets me pumped up to race, just not to put my car up. They must have more money than sense. I saw one episode where a guy lost his 18,000 dollar harley V-rod to a 4,000 dollar suzuki.
  4. I think it's funny when they sometimes jump the arm start as he is checking to see if the drivers are ready even before he raises them for the drop to go.

    Points to both drivers
    Looks to driver A...check...arm drops
    Looks to driver B...check...arm drops
    Raises both arms together(Driver "x" jumps)for launch
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I hate Pinks. LOVE Pinks: All Out. Pinks: All Out = no bull****, no sandbagging, run what you f**king brung and win some fat cash to go mod with.

    pinks is just sandbagging and negotiating with a little bit of racing. Most cars that are on the show are a small block with a whole hell of a lot of nitrous. Pinks All Out has some legit cars with FI, Nitrous, and NA
  6. I love Pinks all Out because you see some high dollar street cars show up. And then there are all the cars that break big time!
  7. +1 on that.
  8. I don't care for "Pinks" at all any more and have quit watching it. It's just a matter of who bull****s and sandbags the best. It's not about the best car. I really do like "Pinks All Out" though, it is about the best car winning and the cars are real, not put together for TV.
  9. I'd have more respect for the winners if they'd haul the cars they've just won (and that they've been trash talking) straight to a crusher .....

    (especially the Chevys!)
  10. I was watching the show that comes on after pinks called"pass time". The poeple on thier try to guess the ET of a car and the one who comes closest wins money. There was an 05 mustang GT with nothing more than a cai, no tune, nothing at all. I guessed a 13.40, he turned 13.01. I thought that was excellent, he was just a blink from 12's with nomore than a cone filter. These new stangs rock!!!!
  11. I haven't found anything on Speed worth watching lately.
    There used to be some good shows but they seem to have disappeared.
    And I can only take so much of rich people spending way to much at the Barrett-Jackson Auctions.

  12. Pinks All Out at Norwalk raceway sold all 400 slots in 12 minutes. If it hadn't, i would be racing in it.
  13. Norwalk Raceway? Thats only around 18 miles from house, I cut my racing teeth at Norwalk and dragway 42. I didn't know pinks was there, when was this?