pinon angle

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  1. In 1st week of march installing items in sig, what is the best pinon angle for traction? -2°? Chuck
  2. K i'll look it up when not on my cell, thank you
  3. Got it thx
  4. tn_Dicky Ranch 006.JPG Nurse Cindy 026.JPG I just installed "Rear Only" Stack Racing springs, I get no vibration up to 90mph so I believe my pinion angle is fine.
    My pony is now level and handles great in the twisty's!
  5. "Got it thnx"? What is it!?! Be nice if other folks looking for the info came across this thread and could actually see what it is :)
    Oh, "Best angles range from 2 to 5 down" for the stock 2pc driveshaft. 2 to 5 degrees, don't know how to add the little "o" above the numbers.
  6. -2 is the max I'd try to hit on a 3 link like this, on the road. Any more is race car stuff and can do damage over time to the u-joints. 5 down is A LOT, more like hotchkiss (leaf spring) rear setting.
  7. I set mine to Steeda specs,don't remember what it was but I also just had Jms check it while they had it and they said it was good !