Piston For Tw 170s Around 8.5:1 Compression

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  1. Yeah that is one thing I like about these forums guys are really great and helpful !!! My car has been turbo for almost 3 yrs...always ran good just need to do a re-tune and fix a few small issues..one is tops on my list is a catch can system...you might want to look into that also...with boost just something I learned...lol...
  2. @TOOLOW91 what else are you going to do to the motor while it's out and apart? I'm taking mine out soon as well.
  3. Yea there is not much sense in going through all the cost and time of putting new pistons in a stock block unless the cylinders are just completely shot. The stock forged pistons are more durable than the block anyway. With new pistons you'll have to re-balance and machine shop costs go up quickly. Have a (trusted) machinist look at it, but hopefully you can just get away with a ball home and fresh rings/bearings. These days the only reason to go through the trouble of boring and putting new pistons in the block is to also put a stroker kit in it. Keep it simple- throw heads on it, boost it, have fun.
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  4. @MY 85 GT Are you looking at any specific catch can systems or just making your own? I've looked at a few kits, unfortunately have heard mixed reviews. I'm sure most of the reviews are invalid as they aren't boosting.
  5. HCI, s trim . new oil pan , valve covers . pretty it up and all new gaskets with head studs
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    I have everything already I bought a new set of Trickflow valve covers..Bulk head fittings,lines,fittings etc and I have a Moroso catch can with -12 an fittings with a K&N air filter on top of the catch can...its a nice set-up just didn't get to install it yet...right now I just have the valve cover vented with a filter..no pcv with a filter in the lower intake...I want to plug the hole were the PCV goes and vent both valve covers..should be much better then the way I have it now...
  7. Sounds good I figured I'd change out my oil pan and seal, possibly bearings, and a gasket set. Now I'll probably change my rings out since @NIKwoaC suggests it.
    Oh okay. So you're plans to just do away with the PCV, and run both covers to the catch/vent can?
  8. ^^^ Yes I want to eliminate the PCV for now and if the tuning place thinks I need it I will install it back...I want to get a re-tune this yr...
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  9. I was looking into maybe a catch can as well . but haven't made it that far yet
  10. I like the idea on a boosted car of venting both vcovers and eliminating the PVC system. I have -10 vents on each of my covers going to a custom catch can and it has worked great so far. I will however recommend baffles in the valve covers if at all possible.
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  11. What did you do with that piston/rod combo you were thinking about running? The ones from your old engine.
  12. The skirts are just way way to beat up for my liking . after thinking about it ill save the rods for when i do a dart block to make a 331 out of but i just dont want to risk the piston rocking in the motor.
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  13. What size is that catch can? I just read up on the catch cans again, as its been a year since I checked up on it last. It's my lucky day as your response. Thanks a billion @84Ttop!
  14. MMM DART Block, I'm so ready.
  15. The catch can is probably a quart and a half if I had to guess and I run a k&n breather on the top of it.
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  16. ^^^^ Mine is like yours Its a decent size and it has the K&N filter on top...and the bulk head fittings im using for the vlave covers have built in baffles...just havent installed the set-up yet...lol...