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  1. Hello all,

    I have a 2002 Saleen with a series II supercharger. The engine is knocking, and I am going to pull it to have it rebuilt.
    I have an opportunity to purchase a set of new forged pistons and rods. My 4.6 is a 2 valve. The pistons I can buy are standard bore for a 3 valve....What I want to know is if they will work in my 2 valve without any loss of compression.

    Standard bore, Compression height is 1.22, intake-valve relief is -0.06, and dish depth is -0.07, clearance 0.0020...

    Any help is appreciated,
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  2. I don't have all the answers, but a few comments that may help you in the decision.
    the valve reliefs if the 3 valve won't match the pattern on your 2v. it probably wouldn't cause interference, but may effect the quench area. Also, I think the dish volume is much less than the 2v, which would bump up your compression, whmich isn't necessarily a good thing for a blower engine.
    Last comment, the pistons are standard bore, but until the engine is torn down and checked, you can't be certain the engine can be rebuilt in standard bore.
  3. Thank you for that Brian. I appreciate your response!!!

  4. Yeah they will work fine.