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  1. Just so you guys know, Planet Magnaflow is our sister site. The same guys that run StangNet run Planet Magnaflow.

    If you are looking for a Magnaflow Mustang (or other application) system please send me a PM or post here and I will get back to you with a price. Check here for a sample of our Magnaflow offerings for the Ford Mustang: Magnaflow Mustang Exhaust
  2. Nice site. I tried to register, but there is no Hawaii option for billing address. What's up with that?
  3. newskool, PM sent.
  4. How much for the standard axleback kit for an 06 GT?
  5. PM sent.
  6. Is there a street legal x-pipe for the 95cobra? I saw # MPE-93333 on latemodelrestoration, but it was listed as 49 state legal elsewhere. Thanks man.
  7. The 93333 is not "street legal," it has catalytic converters on it and they will more than likely pass an emissions test but the cats are not to the standard of what is on the car from the factory. It's considered an off-road x-pipe because of this, even though it does have cats.
  8. Magnaflo 93333

    I've been looking at the same X. What is your price on these?


  9. PM sent.
  10. No, it is not legal in CA.
  11. 37339

    I just saw this h-pipe, 37339. Was wondering what the scoop on this is, legal in CA? good improvement over stock cobra? What kind of price can you give me? Thanks!
  12. 37339 is a CA legal part. Not sure on improvements, Magnaflow doesn't dyno catalytic converter parts, just catbacks. PM sent with price.
  13. I'm a repeat customer. Can I get a coupon code today? Im planning on ordering 15442
  14. PM sent.
  15. exhaust shopping for a system (catback or axleback) for my '10 GT...not sure which system yet.
  16. Hey will the Magnaflow exhaust for the '10 work on the '11 also?
  17. Aces,

    Which 11 do you have and which system is it you are interested in, I will confirm.

  18. i got a 90 mustang gt and looking for an exhaust for it. right now it has stock headers and an off road h pipe, looking for something with a mean growl
  19. I was dead set on the Basanni axle backs, BUT, since I've run across this Thread, I'd like to see what kind of price you would give me on 16793 – 2.5″ GT/GT500 Axle Back Magnapack.

    Thank you in advance.